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  • 12 hours ago

    Vulnerability to schizophrenia and marijuana use?

    So I just finished reading an article about the linkage between vulnerability to schizophrenia due to marijuana usage. My father has paranoid schizophrenia which was induced by hard drugs such as LSD, etc. when he was younger. I used marijuana occasionally for a little under 2 months in college and then quit. What are my risks now for schizophrenia?
  • 20 hours ago

    I need help please !!

    Has anyone ever been on the drug Quetiapine
  • 1 day ago

    68 year old alcoholic father - additional mental health factors to consider?

    Hi there, My dad is an overweight 68 year old alcoholic. I think he fell depressed after his mom died almost 14 years ago. He's basically been drinking by himself in the basement since. Last week he thought the bathtub was his bed, and in a drunken state, fell into it. My mom is currently on vacation until the 27th, so my aunt and uncle kicked down the door to have him hospitalized after they couldn't get a hold of him for ~12 hours. He forced his discharge and went home. No medication was....
  • Anxiety and Lexapro

    Can Lexapro be taken for anxiety? I used to take it for less than a year. My phsychiatrist prescribed it to me for anxiety. It caused me to become angrier and basically I got set off really easy. I can't find this out anywhere.
  • 1 day ago

    anxiety in teens

    My 17 year old daughter has had anxiety issues on rare occasions. Lately she has been under a lot of stress with school as a Senior in HS. She has a heavy load and playing catch up after being out of school for 3 weeks from Irma. There is a lot of catch up. Last night she came to us with chest pains and passed out. Went to er. Blood work done and x ray of chest. Nothing. Anxiety attack they believe. She is having light chest pains still even though she is relaxing in bed and relaxed. Is this normal....
  • 1 day ago

    tensed up abdominal muscles

    Hi, I am 23-yrs old male. Over a year now ive had very tensed up muscles in an abdomen. I am also very low on energy, cant concentrate, my performance and skill went down. It had all started about a year ago. i was away on a seasonal work, and i felt quite overwhelmed by everything at the time. The work, stress and people may have been too much. I also remember i lied with a girl in bed, but with no sex. I felt the same muscles i´m feeling now to tense up that night. I also had to go pee 3 times....
  • More than one disorder?

    I have autism and I have mood swings and I went through this point when at one point everyday I would get upset for no reason and I would cry. I was abused growing up and I was bullied and I have a very hard time forgetting my past. I can't get diagnosed with another disorder because my phsychiatrist won't have me evaluated. He at first said it was a possibility that I was bipolar because i have been irritable. I don't know what to do. Is there any way I can get evaluated by someone who....
  • 4 days ago


    At times I want to drive my car into a tree. I am so lonely and sad right now, no one understands how painful life is too live. My entire life has been one mess after another. I have even asked God why did he create me to live in this despair. There are worse things in life than death. I take my meds but that does no good and I can't trust anyone with the whole truth of me. So many times I have just wanted to die so it will be over with once and for all, no more pretending that life is going....
  • 4 days ago

    anxiety and picking

    for the last couple of months i have not been able to stop picking at my arms and my chest. i have been fighting anxiety and low thoughts for a long time and ever since i switched jobs and have not been able to see my dermatologist or a counselor the picking has gotten worse as my insurance has not kicked in yet (takes effect 11/1/17). ive tried everything; neosporin, bio oil, aquaphor they will heal to a point and then open up and start the healing process all over again. it gets to a point where....
  • 5 days ago

    Possible needle phobia ?

    I am a male 25 years. My problem is, for any shots that are given in arm I feel like I am about to faint and feel light headed. Same feel if blood is taken as well. However, if the shot is given in hip or bottom area, I feel perfectly normal and comfortable. I recently read a post about needle phobia. Is this something I should worry about long term ?