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  • 5 hours ago

    Crushing depression

    This is my first post. I’m in my 40’s and have dealt with depression off and on for years. My youngest child seems to have inherited this agony so that adds to my guilt for sure. I’ve been in ill health for some time and it’s kept me from participating in a lot of family activities. My youngest d I had made plans for this weekend, but I’ve been sick for several weeks now and couldn’t make it. He lives out of town. His gf messaged me that he thinks I don’t want to see him and it’s put me in a tailspin....
  • 5 hours ago


    So, for starters when I was 13 I was diagnosed with major depression tried to kill myself multiple times but unfortunately they were able to save me. I've got 4 kids my eldest is 7 years old, my second is 5 years old, my third is 2 years old, and my fourth is 1 year old. Last month I found out that I'm pregnant again and it made me so freaking sad. I feel like i was carrying the entire world on my back. Before you judge me please know that my eldest and my second child wasn't planned....
  • 1 day ago

    Does anyone recognise this?

    Hey there, I'm a 21 year old female who for years has experienced unstable mood and emotions. Always very unpredictable and have received CBT twice over the last id say 4-5 years. I'm mostly good and can stay happy and strong for quite some time but recently all of that has crumbled. I've recently just moved city and changed jobs and live with my partner, it's all new to me and my moods have just out of the blue started. Everything was going excellent up until Wednesday. It started....
  • 1 day ago


    I have never felt this before. This depression so strong it hurts to breathe, it makes my eyes feel heavy. When I was sad before I would talk to friends, but this time I keep it to myself. I told my husband I'm having a hard time, but I guess he thinks I will work it out myself. Do I plan for the future? Yes. Do I google ways to kill myself? Yes. Now I understand why people think you're ok when deep inside you are not. I hurt my daughter's mother in laws feeling 18 months ago but I didn't....
  • 2 days ago

    Lost Hope

    I was diagnosed with clinical depression 8 years ago, and major depression a year ago. I’ve had a series of rough life events that I’m sure contributed: alcoholic mother, unfaithful exes, losing religion, having an abortion, etc. In general though, I’ve kept moving along, thinking I’ll feel better when my life was in a better place. I hated college, but eventually graduated. Did a management training program. And eventually left that company for a job in a creative field that I had wanted for a long....
  • Dreaming

    Hello. I have never written on a forum like this. I have been to doctors and I was diagnosed with severe depression.. I am not seeing anyone now or on any meds. I do not drink or take drugs.. well I have always had the feeling like my life is not real.. I am just dreaming.. since my grandmother passed away about 8 years ago it has gotten worse.. life does not feel real and i want to know badly what is after this dream. I know.. i know.. go see a doctor.. get on meds.. :/ but i have trouble seeing....
  • 3 days ago

    Fairly certain I'm schizophrenic

    So I know people are going to tell me that It's not likely but hear me out. I've been trying to find a diagnoses for severe hypersomnia for over a year, but my sleep doctors have given up on trying to figure it out and have labeled it Idiopathic hypersomnia, which is just medical jargon for: is sleepy, but we don't know why. Figuring that I still need a way forward, because 400mg of modafinil and 30mg of adderral feels like it's doing more damage than helping, I decided to talk to....
  • 5 days ago

    Concerned about my girlfriend

    So my girlfriend and I both suffer from traumatic events that has happened to us in our past. Ive been able to kinda move past them and not let them control my everyday life she on the other hand continues to dwell on them which puts her in an extremely dark place everyday. She does nothing at all except stay in the bed and play on her phone She shows no interest in anything or anyone else. What can I do to best assist her in overcoming this?
  • 5 days ago


    Ever feel like your drowning? The world is overloading your plate, and no matter how hard you try its swallowing you whole. Your losing control and losing the people you grew up loving and that by society standards, are supposed to love you back. Lost friends. Lost family. Losing my home. I feel backed into a corner and like I'm losing an uphill battle. I'm drowning. The room is spinning, I have to much anxiety to open up to people. To talk about my problems.
  • 5 days ago

    When will I feel better - please I need some help and encouragement

    Hi I'm on day 8 of Citalopram. 6 days at 10mg and 2 at 15mg. This is like living in pure HELL I wouldnt wish this on anyone. Can someone please send me some encouragement or positive vibes and thoughts. I have been down this road 3 times before - I don't remember this much suffering. This illness is horrible. Anyone out there that can guide me. Encourage me. Be some support. I'm home alone all the time. I have some agoraphobia with the depression and anxiety - so going places wouldnt....