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  • 11 days ago

    Crisis Situations -- Please Read

    If you are in crisis and need help, please be sure to contact a crisis line ( ) , call 911, or your doctor or therapist. This message board is not moderated 24/7. There may be delays in others reading or responding, especially on the weekends. While you can find wonderful support here, it may not be immediate. To all of our members, if you see a crisis post which needs our attention, use the Report This option beneath the post. Thank you.
  • 16 hours ago

    Muchaunsen Syndrome (Fictitious Disorder)

    Hi. I don't know how to begin. This is a complex story. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have experienced mania and depression and psychosis and I don't dispute the diagnosis, even though I regularly play with my meds, sometimes trying to induce mania. I have further been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I do not believe I have schizophrenia. I think my exaggerations have led to that diagnosis. And that's the thing. I have made stuff up. I have acted out. I have purposely heightened....
  • 18 hours ago

    Medication for depression with teens?

    My 13 year old daughter has been seeing a therapist for a couple of months for anxiety related issues. Yesterday, I discovered she had been cutting herself and now her therapist wants to start her on medications that treat depression. She prescribed remeron and abilify. Does anyone on here have any experience with these meds with a teenager? I am deferring to my therapists expertise on this issue, but the thought of putting her on meds makes me very nervous. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....
  • 18 hours ago

    What If My Boss Finds Out?

    I'm severely depressed but I manage to hold it together for work. I have a job that requires a govt clearance. I'm afraid to seek help because if my work finds out, I will lose my job. Another coworker sought counseling because she had a cancer diagnosis and lost her job. My job is all that keeps me from, well, you know. What can I do that is assured to be confidential from the govt?
  • 19 hours ago

    Extremely tired after social interactions.

    This hasn't always been the case, last year I was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension, I lost big toe in the process, it was a wake up, I changed my diet and the diabetes is under control, the hypertension is to a degree, it's alot better than it was but not as good as it could be, but that's not the issue I am having, for the last 6 months maybe, I have been feeling extremely tired after social interactions, everything from having breakfast with my dad, to groceries shopping, I....
  • 1 day ago

    Getting help with anxiety

    I am considering talking to a professional about my anxiety issues for the first time. Wondering how to get started. I do not have a primary doctor but I do have a regular OBGYN. Is this the person I should start with?
  • 1 day ago

    Delusions of guilt/sin-- who to see

    Hello WebMD. whoever you are, thank you for clicking through to read. i am looking for some advice as to what type of a professional to see about some problems i have been having. as well as honestly a place to vent a bit if you'll i am a 19-year-old female with OCD but no diagnosis of schizophrenia or any schizophreniform disorder. i was diagnosed with OCD when i was four years old. at age 7, i was diagnosed with mood disorder NOS by a different psychiatrist which my parents took me too for....
  • 1 day ago

    Morning Anxiety

    I awake almost daily 4-6 hours after going asleep and then cannot get back to sleep. Sometimes I'm anxious to start and sometimes not, but my mind gets active and then I usually have some anxious thoughts. What can I do to break this cycle?
  • is it worth it part 2

    I have tried so much and nothing works. friends dont care so i give up.i am going to put my plan in to action. only have a few things to wrap up and that will be all. dont know what more i can say but hopefully you can get help and not be like me and have no one give a dam. good bye
  • 2 days ago

    Parnate and no side effects

    Hello. Not sure if this question is going to Dr. Wilson? 2010-2012 I had severe depression after discontinuing (weaning off) four year use of Prozac (which worked well) After two weeks of being completely of liquid prozac tjat I used to wean down I had a horrible treatment resistant depression for two years. I tried many antidepressants and mood stabilizers. After much research I found articles on Tartive Dysphoria and truly believe that this is what was going on as this depression was beyond description....