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  • 8 hours ago


    This is something common in our society, breakup and love failure. I went through a breakup and i am so caught up with the past. The reason for breaking up is misunderstandings, we were hardly in a relationship for two months but those were the best days. my first true love. We both liked each other so much but when we were in a relationship we found our true selves. i had anger issues and that affected her in a large scale and at one point she was fed up with me and we parted ways. i have put this....
  • 9 hours ago

    Feeling bad about self

    I don't even know where to begin, so I will go with what is bothering me right now. A long time friend of mine has hurt my feelings very bad. She has drama in her life all the time, well maybe mth ago, daughter graduated college, she puts on fb congratulating but instead of stopping there, she continues to tell her that her dad is sorry that he could not be there because had to be with 21 yr son at motocross race, reminder, she is with daughter so why put on fb. Next day I ask if daughter ok....
  • 22 hours ago

    Vita Keratin medium or low heat and held at the least six inches away from your hair. the general public use dryers as a manner to straighten their hair, even though, and this causes numerous harm. What occurs whilst the usage of these equipment on wet or damp hair is that the water inside the cortex of the hair can start to boil and the steam will clearly blow holes inside the cuticle. There are products that claim to "warmth protect" your hair. they can do a little, but as maximum women....
  • 1 day ago

    A Bipolar shout out!

    The struggle is real. Just want to shout out to all u that suffer with bipolar. You are strong and you are loved..keep fighting...we got this!
  • 3 days ago

    husband slips between love and comtempt

    My husband is incredibly moody to the point I think it must be mental illness. He tells me he loves me so much almost all the time until every now and then, he slips into this mood where he decides he can't stand me and he "can't do this anymore". We go through this ridiculous exercise over and over again about every three to six months and its been going on for 23 years. Sometimes I feed into it and try to bring him back and sometimes I say, whatever, fine I am leaving. It takes....
  • 4 days ago

    Mom of College Student

    I don't know if this is the right board to post on but I really feel the need to talk to someone. My daughter is a freshman at a large university. She has always been what I called "high strung" and very emotional. In high school she was dealing with a lot of changes. For most of her first year she was very anxious and became depressed. Then she began having problems with eating. After the first year of hs, her anxiety improved but She developed an eating disorder. By her junior year....
  • 4 days ago

    Can a change in generic lamictal manufacturer cause bad side effects?

    I take lamotrigine 150mg twice daily for the last 3 years. My most recent refill had a different look, so I'm assuming a different manufacturer.this wouldn't be the first time, but it had never had a different effect. This time I immediately noticed strong side effects which I had not experienced before. They are bad enough that I cant drive or go to work after taking them. Is it possible that the change in manufacturer could have caused this?
  • 4 days ago

    My 13 year daughter is suffering

    My daughter had gotten bullied at school last year, and we found had she has been self-harming. She is now talking about suicide and tried last night. We have been searching for months to get her in with someone but no one is taking new patients. We have a consult with her pediatrician who can give her meds, but she needs real help. I don't know what to do. I called the suicide hotline because I do not want my daughter to suffer with this any longer.
  • 5 days ago

    Do You Smell What I Smell? Phantom Odors Are Real

    Some say they bite into a sandwich that suddenly smells like a burnt cigarette. Others report smelling burnt rubber and can't figure out where the stench is coming from. It all may sound like a Saturday Night Live skit in the making. But doctors and those affected say these phantom odors are real -- and troubling. The medical term is phantosmia, and one in 15 Americans have it. Learn more: We want to hear from you. Do you or someone you know experience phantosmia?
  • 5 days ago

    Dealing with my son’s depression

    It’s been hard dealing with my 37 year old son’s depression. He’s on meds switch his doctor has been changing. He’s gone through this once before 9 years ago, took a while to get him better. How do I handle his constant negative texts, phone calls, usually ending with his wanting to die. I want him to vent to me but it’s hard. He’s promised he wouldn’t kill himself and I’ve told his doctor. Too sad