• 8 months ago

    Negative ANA with Lupus symptoms

    Is it possible to have Lupus even with a negative ANA? I was recently ill with bronchitis (May 26, 2019). After two days on antibiotics I had what I presumed to be pink eye. After 5 days of antibiotic eye drops (started May 30, 2019), my eye was not as red, but it still looked bad. A week later I saw my optometrist whom immediately stated that she believed I had an autoimmune of some sort; possibly Lupus. My PCP ran ANA, Rheumatoid Factor, Uric Acid, C-Reactive Protein, Sed Rate, TSH, and CBC with Diff. All labs were in normal range with the exception of my C-Reactive Protein. CRP was 1.80 md/dL the range is