• Lupus and low Immunoglobulin A levels (IgA)

    I was diagnosed with SLE 6 years go and am 23 years old. I also have celiac disease. I recently found out that my IGA (Immunoglobulin A) levels were extremely low. I take 200 mg of Plaquenil 1 x per day and I was wondering if that might be the cause. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried looking online but results were slim. Thanks for your help!


  • 9 months ago

    RE: Lupus and low Immunoglobulin A levels (IgA)

    I'm sorry for all you are going through at such a young age. Had your IGA level ever been checked prior to the extremely low level? If not, my thoughts on this is that you probably have had a low IGA level for a long time and you were either asymptomatic or no one linked your symptoms (recurrent infections, chronic diarrhea) to low IGA until after you were diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, which can also be caused by a low IGA level. Plaquenil has been on the market for over 60 years. If it caused a low IGA level, that information would be available through the FDA. I didn't check the FDA but if you haven't found anything with a simple online search, I would doubt it's an issue. It's most likely that the low IGA preceeded your autoimmune diseases and Plaquenil use. Unfortunately, when you have one autoimmune disease, you are prone to get another. You may want to discuss your issue with your rheumatologist. Good luck to you.