• 10 months ago

    Help for photosensitive lips

    Please can anyone help me. I need some tips for what to apply to my lips. I have been applying a 50+ lip balm but have ended up with blistered lips which then got infected. So painful. Am on anti biotics and they are clearing up - but I am scared to apply anything now. Was diagnosed with lupus in March and am on 400mg of plaquenil. Does anyone have any advice? I wear a hat when I'm out walking and don't walk during the hottest part of the day. I've considered a mask - Help


  • 9 months ago

    RE: Help for photosensitive lips

    If you are avoiding the hottest part of the day and wearing a hat when you are out, maybe your blistering is not from the sun. Are you having facial rashes or other sun-related issues despite these efforts as well? If not, I wouldn't think your lips would be the only thing still reacting to the sun. Do you have sicca (dry mouth, eyes)? Sicca is a common symptom of Lupus, may also be known as Secondary Sjogrens. Lip balms can contain ingredients that can actually be drying. I have tried many, ended up with cheilitis, and saw a dermatologist years ago who told me to only use petroleum jelly on my lips. I have no reactions and I'm good as long as I keep them lubed. You can get a 2.5 ounce tube which will last you much much longer than lip balm for much less money. I hope you find some relief. Best wishes.