• over 1 year ago

    Chest pain moving

    I am 36 and I have SLE, Sjogren's and Antiphospholipid syndrome.
    This spring after a few hours spent in cold weather, I had fever, a lot of night sweating and lung pain, trouble breathing. CT showed a pleurisy with very little liquid that needed no drainage. They said it must be from Lupus. They gave me paracetamol (acetaminophen) told me to rest and sent me home.
    Since then the fever went away but the breathing problems and pain are still present. I made a new RX and one doctor said it looked fine, another said it is still a very very small ammount of liquid present so sent me to ultrasound. Ultrasound said there is no liquid.
    I have no idea what I have and neither the doctors.
    I also have some colon issues and trouble swallowing food without water. Not sure if IBS-C, but seems that way. When I have issues with my colon, the chest/back/lung pain intensifies and I hear rales in the lower part of lung. It started on the left side, no it is more present on the right side and sometimes in the back. I cannot sneeze, cough or inspire deep. When I go to bed, I have a hard time staying on sides because it is very painful. Any idea what this could be? Sound familiar to anyone?
    Thank you!