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    feeling sick ALL THE TIME

    I almost never do things like this. I respect my doctors and other medical professionals immensely, but I am genuinely desperate. In October (about 5 months ago) I visited my PCP after feeling sickly for weeks on end. I had been having low-grade fevers on a daily basis, joint pain and general aches, and fatigue so bad I would sleep for 16 hours. My blood work came back with normal CBC, but positive for mono. I was given prednisone (which did nothing) and told I would feel better in a week or two. 5 months later, my symptoms have only gotten worse. With my fevers come a bright red butterfly shaped rash across my face, and I am often too sick to get out of bed. I visited the doctor once again, who agreed that the fevers were not likely caused by the mono I had five months ago. She thought there was a chance of an autoimmune condition, so tested my ANA, CRP, CBC, ESR, and for lyme (for good measure). Yet, every single test came back within the normal range. I had been treated for kidney pain recently as well, but all that showed up in my urine was a little protein and white blood cells (but not an amount too excessive). With having tested negative for lupus, lyme, and any sort of infection, I do not know what to think. My fevers have not subsided, and the rash on my face shows up a few times a week at least (it's not itchy, just hot). I also continuously break out in hives, despite having had allergy testing (not sure if this is related). If I don't have an autoimmune condition, lyme, mono, or any infection, why on earth am I feeling so sick and what can I do to feel better? I feel like I have tried everything, and I eat and exercise well. Even pain meds do a poor job of relieving my symptoms. If anyone has any ideas on what I can do to feel better or what the issue is, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    RE: feeling sick ALL THE TIME

    Can it be stress related? I'm experiencing weight loss, stiff neck and jerk like movements. All my tests have come back negative so far. I think I'll visit neurologist and ask for more tests. I don't know.
    Maybe you should visit a psychologist to see whether it's stress related or not.