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    Waiting on Rheumatologist...

    What do I do while I am waiting to see my Rheumatologist? I’ve had to wait all through the holidays while their offices were closed after being told my PCP feels I have Lupus but need a diagnosis from a specialist. I am miserable...I’ve added in vitamins and supplements...I want to know what is wrong with me.

    RF: normal
    ANA: positive
    Facial rash
    Facial psoriasis/eczema
    Dry eyes
    Sores in nose
    Dry mouth
    Neck pain
    Tingling arms/fingers/hands
    Tremors in hands
    Swollen painful joints
    Cold hands
    Hands change color
    Tingling feet
    Cold feet
    Itchy shins
    Extreme fatigue
    Sensitive to cold
    Eyes sensitive to sun
    Skin turns bright pink when over 20 min of sun exposure
    Speech issues
    Brain fog/Concentration problems
    Restless legs
    Urgent urination
    Epstein Barr virus (had mono @14)
    Allergic to bactrim/sulfa drugs
    Low Potassium


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    RE: Waiting on Rheumatologist...

    Anti inflammatory diet. Less stress environments. I know exercise seems absurd given how much pain you are in, but a brisk walk with fresh air can help you. You need to focus on reducing inflammation... start with your diet!