• 11 months ago

    lupus hedache

    Doctor doesn't believe me when I told them that I have lupus hedache. Hi, I was diagnose with lupus after my heart attack in 2012. I was very active at home, with my kids and I think too active in my job. Ocasionally I had tension hedache. After my heart attack, I had a lot of trouble with my right leg, couldn't walk properly. I can fill the right side of my face and my lip was sideways. It took me two years of therapy and now I walk, exercise. work and do everything in my house. Doctor rule out the stroke cause my body was damage in two different sides. Then, the reumatology did told me that I'm also have Fibromylgia. Believe me i'm in pain 24-7. Now I'm having a lot of lupus hedache. Is so different than the other hedache. Usually start on the back of my head and goes up to the front, filling my hole head. It fill like a big buble expanding inside my head with a lot of presure. I can't lift my head, or down for too long. Is not like some hammer hitting my head, or stress hedache but is painful. Trying to focus or concentrate is bad and even talking is awful cause the presure is there all the time. I take over the counter tylenol, cause for my heart, I'm not aloud to take anything else. I lay down until the presure inside my head goes away. My vision is bad. they change my glases every year but this time, the change was very bad. it wasn't even a year, it was six months. The insurance did not paid and I have too. The glases where expensive. Even though that I have lupus and Fibromylgia the only thing that put me in bed is the lupus hedache, other wise I do everything else fine.