• 2 months ago

    20yrs and counting

    Have had sle for 20yrs already and my has it been tough but NEVER has it been this bad. I'm a new mommy of two and a new wife.:) have managed my flares on my own with clean foods exercise and tons of rest. I no longer have that luxury. I have a babies and s husband to tend to. I'm losing my strength and mind and don't know how and when it'll get better. I've never experienced all lupus symptoms till now. Wish I could fix me


  • 1 month ago

    RE: 20yrs and counting

    Congrats on your marriage and your little one! Are you on any medications? Might be worth talking with your doctor about that or other treatment options for when you have a flare as it sounds like your symptoms are getting worse. I know that you are a busy momma but make sure that you are still taking time for you. Your health is important :)
      • Thank you. It's been the craziest roller coaster ever. Come to find out my lupus is completely under control due to my nutrition and herbal supplements but can possibly developing something else. I'm terrified! I do my best to put myself first sometimes in order to take care of my family but now I'm scared of the unknown. I mean... what comes after lupus??!
  • 5 days ago

    RE: 20yrs and counting

    I'm with you on this , I have always been able to control. But I can't now I am to weak, too much pain, to sick .. most horrible year of my life.. good luck