• 2 months ago

    im confused

    i am 49 year old female. The first time i started realizing something was wrong was when i went walking and my whole face turned read and i hadnt been outside that long. i took sometime for the redness to go away but i just didn't realize that i was getting sick, I just thought that i was just out of shape. these are the many symptoms that have started happening after this. This started 4 years ago which lead me to the dr 4 with extreme fatigue, hair loss, extremely bad headaches, rash,and my body felt like i had the flu. All of this lasted for 2 months until i went to the dr for medicines. My blood test showed that i had extremely low vitamin D. But even with all the blood test, ultrasounds and xrays and rhmutalogist exams they still cannot pinpoint a specific condition. i am gabipatine medicines for leg pains, muscle spasms for shoulder pains and ibprofin for headaches. my knees can hurt so much that if i bend them it takes a little bit to straghten them before i walk. i get extremely dry eye conditon that can last for weeks. and a rash that can be so bad that i need steriod pills to aleviate the itchying. i cant stand the sun, because it makes my chest hurt and feel so sick that it takes a while to recoperate after being outside so i hide under umbrellas or jackets to cover from the rays. My blood test show that i am 320 titer, speckled blood and positive ana. Any suggestions as to what this could be.


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    RE: im confused

    You sound just like me! My vitamin D is extremely low and I had a positive Ana test in 2015. I'm currently trying to figure out if it is CREST syndrome or Lupus. I've been told my whole life I have lupus, but now I do not know. I would bring up these conditions to your doctor and see if they seem like they could be an answer to this!
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    RE: im confused

    Have they suggested lupus, because you could be describing me, I have a few more....