• 2 months ago

    Do I have Lupus?

    Im 18 and I had blood work down in 2014 for joint pain and the doctor said it was a false positive and tested me again and never heard about it again. I switches doctors and she told me I tested positive 2 time in 2014 for my ANA test. My "Value" was 1:80 both time but my WBC was normal and my Neutrophils were always up and down. A couple time lowr then average. My new doctor made me get more blood work and this time I tested positive for ANA with a 1:160 and my WBC is 3.4 which it says it's low and my Neutrophils are low(1.37) too but other then those 3 test all the other test are fine. My doctor said she doesn't know what is going on and is sending me to a Rheumatologist but my appointment isn't until 12/26. Any opinions on what it could be? Please help.