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    Sun allergy maybe?

    I'm not quite sure what's going on with me. I'm a teenager- I was diagnosed with mono at the beginning of January. It's now July, and all my symptoms had gone away. I started working as a lifeguard and swim instructor this summer so I spend 4 or 5 + hours in the sun almost everyday. I've never had any reaction to the sun before, except I've never spent this much time outside before. I've been getting this red rash all the way down the inside/tops of my arms and legs. It's not super itchy or painful- just there. But I've had extreme fatigue and headaches lately; even slight dizziness. I get headaches almost everyday. The fatigue has been awful. It's like no matter how much I sleep, I'm still tired. I do feel slightly achy and dizzy. My pupils also tend to dilate when I have headaches. My mom has lupus and I know she's sensitive to the sun. Some of my symptoms could be a flare up from mono, though. What do you think..? Has anyone had any experience with a rash that follows the inside/tops of your arms and legs?


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    RE: Sun allergy maybe?

    Yes, you should be checked given the family history and the fact that when you had mono you had a strong immune response which can trigger lupus. I hope it's not
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    RE: Sun allergy maybe?

    It all started with a rash with me several years ago while on vacation. Sun exposure caused me to get rashes on my chest, arms, torso, hands and also extreme fatigue. I tested positive for ANA and from there it went downhill. They diagnosed me with Sjorgrens Syndrome and I was on Plaquenil. Lupus is extremely hard to detect. I'm assuming because of the inconsistent symptoms. I was like this for years- having sun sensitivity until one year I had terrible joint pains out of nowhere. I believe stressed triggered it. I knew something wasn't right. My Dr ran more test and told me that Lupus was present. Everything made sense from there. Just continue to follow up with your dr and limit sun intake as much as possible.
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    Xerodema pigmentosa? not quite with the spellings, just XP, unless type A XP, usually not diagnosed at young age and not quite harmful, check with doctor and try to avoid staying under the sun and see if symptoms disappears. also check UV light when you are trying those days
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    RE: Sun allergy maybe?

    Yes, you can be. My father is allergic to the sun and has to wear long sleeves outdoors so his arms don't break out. A dermatologist said it's a pre-cancerous condition, so don't neglect it.