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  • 2 days ago

    7mm stone lodged in

    71 yr old. I had bladder removed in 2008. I have a 7mm stone.In my ureter , apx 1 inch from ileium conduit. I have a tube in my kidney to prevent urine blockage. 90% of urine is passing by the stone, as less than an ounce per day passes through my kidney tube, that was inserted 15 days ago. Is eswl (sonic blasting) an option? if so what type is recomended. Entry from the conduit is near impossible. Other option is surgery through kidney to gain access to the stone, which is what my Dr. recommends....
  • 12 days ago

    Kidney stone

    I had a ct scan that revealed two stones 1mm and 4 mm one in each kidney the pain has been almost constant since the hospital meds wore off the pain meds prescribed have little to no effect will the pain subside or should I return to the er
  • 1 month ago

    passing a stone? or worse?

    i've started to see blood in my urine. i know it's kidney stones (one 4mm stone) because i have had two separate hospital visits in the last few months. the visible blood in the urine had gone away (the doctors told me there would still be a microscopic amount), but now has shown up again. i went to the doctor last week because it felt like i needed to pee a lot but very little was coming out. they told me that i was retaining 30ml which is apparently normal. some of the sensation of needing....
  • 1 month ago

    Creatnine and BUN Levels

    Hello! On April 10, my dad recently had a blood test done and his creatnine and BUN levels were slightly elevated and a 2.20 and 32. His ratio is a 15. In September 2017 his creatnine was 1.39 and his BUN was 17 with a ratio of 12. His primary care doctor is sending him to a Nephrologist. My dad is almost 70 and has history of high blood pressure and heart attack in 2007. What does his recent test levels mean?
  • 1 month ago

    Creatine levels

    Had a baseline level 6 months ago at 1.5. Just had another kidney stone and upon entering the hospital was tested at 2.5. Passed the stone and 2 hours later creatine tested at 2.0. Eight days later blood test at 1.7. Is this rate of decline ok? Also last test was 2 hours after strenuous exercise and high protein lunch and 7 hours after 30 protein gram breakfast . Can this skew my results? Doctor wants to wait 30 days for anothet test and on an afternoon after lunch and exercise, is this correct?
  • 2 months ago

    Burning when urination

    Will kidney stones only burn the last inch section of your penis when peeing?
  • 2 months ago

    Kidney stones again?

    In May 2016 I went to the hospital with severe pain to discover I had kidney stones. The drip I was on was enough to flush them out. I’ve been experiencing very mild aches every now and then (which I was told was normal), only lasts a few minutes so never worried. I have a good diet and exercise regularly but within the last couple of months the aches have grown stronger and remained for a lot longer. Not sure whether that’s a sign that they’re coming back or I may have other issues with my kidney....
  • 2 months ago

    Kidney Dysplasia

    Hi my 3 year old daughter was born with Kidney Dysplasia. She is currently on a waitlist for a kidney transplant. She has not started dialysis and I'm not sure if I should have her begin that while she is waiting for an organ match.
  • 2 months ago

    feeling sick all the time

    I almost never do things like this. I respect my doctors and other medical professionals immensely, but I am genuinely desperate. In October (about 5 months ago) I visited my PCP after feeling sickly for weeks on end. I had been having low-grade fevers on a daily basis, joint pain and general aches, and fatigue so bad I would sleep for 16 hours. My blood work came back with normal CBC, but positive for mono. I was given prednisone (which did nothing) and told I would feel better in a week or two....
  • 2 months ago

    Chronic kidney stones

    I was first diagnosed with a kidney stone when I was 22. I am not 47. I believe I had them as a child but was never diagnosed. I have had countless lithtripsies, cystoscopies, uretoroscopies, etc., and passed thousands of stones. My latest ct urogram shows large stones in both kidneys, the largest are 12mm and 10mm, and many smaller stones, which I pass frequently. I had a ct done in July and the same stones were half the size they are now. I have pain constantly from passing the little stones, and....