• 2 months ago

    RE: Is Alkaline Water Helpful.

    No. It doesn't work the way the internet doctors theorize. The ph is changed when it goes through the acidic stomach and so it's no longer alkaline. It doesn't do anything except hydrate you. And if you have kidney problems you have to determine the proper amount of fluid so that you don't get accumulation and swelling.
      • 1 month ago
        If ph of body is changed by using alkaline water ..Is it creates a problem for ckd patients ?
      • 1 month ago
        Your stomach changes the ph of what you take in. So it doesn't matter if the water is alkaline or not. The acid in your stomach makes your stomach contents acidic. You don't change your body's ph by simply drinking something that starts out as alkaline.

        Some stubstances with affect the ph level of someone with kidney problems. But you need to get the measurements done and have a doctor dictate what you take.

        Saying that water is 'alkaline' and can help is just another way to make it look and sound fancy and then charge more for it when it doesn't do anything
      • 1 month ago
        Do you have any idea about kidney diseases ?
        I want one help if you are able to do it then it will be very helpful for me !
      • 11 days ago
        I have had kidney disease since the 1970s. I've followed closely all technical breakthroughs/treatments and know about all stages of kidney disease. I was pre-dialysis for 25 years, spent one year on hemo dialysis (tried peritoneal dialysis but it didn't work for me for a variety of reasons) and am now 17 years post kidney transplant.

        I know a lot.
      • 6 days ago
        I am.also on dialysis from last 5 month .
        Doctors suggest only transplant is the solution . Transplant takes time.And now the weather is cold .
        Sometime I have problem for breathing there any medicine or anything else which help me in breathing problem
      • 3 days ago
        gauravdd, if you are drinking too much, it will congest around your heart and lungs and make it difficult to breathe. Are you keeping within your dialysis fluid restrictions? Remember that anything that is liquid at room temperature (like ice cream or jello, or soup) is considered as part of your fluid count. And 'juicy' things like some fruits (grapes for example) will count as 'fluid' as well.
  • 12 days ago

    RE: Is Alkaline Water Helpful.

    Alkaline water helps to restore pH balance by reducing acidity levels in the body. The following is a reference from American Society for Nutrition: "The kidney serves to regulate pH, but if kidney function declines and other tissues catabolize (activity concerned with the breakdown of complex molecules (such as proteins or lipids) and the release of energy within the organism ) to maintain pH, then it is very probable that manipulating the diet to reduce the acid load could spare tissues and improve outcomes in chronic kidney disease. " The following reference is from about Alkaline water & heart problems: " Because alkaline water has a higher pH level than does plain tap water, proponents say that it can neutralize acid in your bloodstream. Some say that alkaline water can help prevent disease, such as cancer and heart disease."