• 11 months ago

    24-hour urine test

    I have never had to do one, but have a sneaking suspicion my doctor might order one at my next clinic visit (too long of a story to relate here). I only have few questions:

    1. Does it HAVE to be refrigerated? There is NO. WAY. I am putting a jug of pee in the fridge where we keep our food and beverages. I am also not putting a cooler in the bathroom because a. no room for it and b. the cats would get into it.

    2. Can I do it over a weekend? Because I'm never taking a day off from work for this kind of nonsense again (last time was for a colonoscopy...never having one of THOSE again).

    3. How important is it to "catch every single drop", which is what I am reading in some on-line forums. As an older woman, I have some light bladder incontinence, for which I wear one of those light panty-liner thingies. Also, if the urge comes on me suddenly (and it can), I may not make it to the bathroom with the collection device and/or will probably go a little in my pants. So NO, I will never be able to "collect every single drop". And finally...

    4. Will anyone REALLY know if I didn't follow all of the above rules to the letter? Years ago I worked in an endocrinologist's office and I watched people bring in those big brown jugs. I then saw the nurses pouring off all but a normal urine specimen cup-full of all that; the rest of the collection was flushed.

    In all honesty, I'm looking at this 24-hour thing with the skepticism I had in sophomore year biology, when the teacher said he COULD tell the difference between a 1st generation fruit fly and a 3rd. He couldn't - because all my flies died after the 2nd generation and I turned them in anyway and wrote a 5-page essay on the experiment. Got an A. My lab partner had the same issue and did the same thing; got a B+. I'm betting I could collect my pee for a WEEK and they wouldn't know the difference. Right?