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    Kidney stone surgery

    I was so afraid before my surgery (two large kidney stones, 13.9 mm each). Here is what to expect that might ease your mind- your prepped before surgery with an IV and the anesthesiologist gives you something to relax (I don’t remember anything until I woke up in recovery). Yes, a breathing tube is inserted during surgery but you won’t know it / you are on your stomach so that the surgeon can enter the kidney from your back so you may have some bruising from being moved during surgery / a second IV is done, and a Foley catheter is inserted to help you after surgery to urinate; does not hurt when removed / a drain is also place near incision for a day or so and removed before you go home, again removal does not hurt /I was in the Hospital for two days and walked within four hours with assistance / the leg compression machine used to prevent blood clots like a soothing “spa massage”, wonderful / it took me five-seven hours before I felt I had most of the pain medicine out of my system; and you are constantly monitored. Don’t be scared by the bleeding after the foley comes out; it is like a medium to heavy period and some pelvic pain but by day three-four up to day six after surgery back to normal / remember 4-6 weeks for recovery (this means no excursion, lifting, driving, though I drove short distance to store in a week or so) and your appetite getting back to normal- it was almost a week before a bowel movement / you will feel wobbly for at least two weeks then slowly start to feel more your self. Don’t rush recovery / don’t shower until your physician advises; it took me two weeks wearing a dressing and bird baths before I felt relaxed to shower but did not bend or lift for weeks- interior stitches still healing up to 4-6,weeks or more (each patient different). Before you are discharged a CT scan is done to make sure no stones left (only pain was going from gurney to CT scan table and back, technicians there to assist you). I want to thank the wonderful care of Vanderbilt Medical Center each step of the way during my pre op, surgery and post op care. SUp2C We will win this fight


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    RE: Kidney stone surgery

    I'm scheduled to go into hospital for a percutaneous nephrolithotomy in a month for a very large staghorn stone. Thank you for explaining the procedure from the patient's side.