• 9 months ago


    Female 18, no serious health issues except anemia been having some abnormal liver and kidney results but nothing diagnosed, Also undiagnosed gastro pain and unexplained 20 pound weight loss in two months (now 120). Since first week on feb 2017 started to feel on and off extreme needle pain on the bottom of both my feet, I thought it might be symptom of my undiagnosed celiac disease so I ignored it. On the night of feb 23 2017 , with minimal walking all day, absolute no injuries was studying in library when noticed all my toes were red, then my whole foot was red, then started turning purple, woke up to a deeper grey purple with still red, now really swollen and the color is traveling up my leg, occasional sharp pain, My hands are in pain the, palms turn red sometimes when i'm writing. Is this an emergency or should I try and let it pass? Any explanation or possible ideas for diagnosis?