• 7 months ago

    UTI trouble

    Hello, I'm a 20 year old female with what is seemingly reoccurring UTI problems. More like my UTI won't go away.
    I've been to three doctors and each time I tested positive for a UTI. I've been given three different types of antibiotics (all different and don't remember which kinds, sorry. ) and without a doubt, my UTI came back.
    I've taken an at home test and I'll test positive for WBC but not nitrite.
    I seem to have this problem the most when I hold in my pee for less than even a minute. As soon as I have to pee and I hold it, I get a burning sensation. I feel like my bladder struggles to let the pee out and while I'm peeing it burns.
    There is a constant mild burn through out the day but nothing too intense.
    I am sexually active. With the same partner over a year now. He experiences no symptoms what so ever.
    I do NOT experience any itchiness, abnormal discharge, smells or anything of those sorts. Only the burning.
    I'd like to know if any other ladies have these issues or any possibility of what could be up.
    Is it a super UTI (lol) thanks in advance.


  • 6 months ago

    RE: UTI trouble

    Has any urologist checked to see if you have interstitial cystitis? That's what I have and our symptoms match. They can diagnose through a cystoscopy. Easy test, just not very comfortable.