• 7 months ago

    Sudden blood in urine

    Im 67. When 31 one morning i had massive blood in urine. Went to urologist who scoped me and said it was probably a kidney stone. I havent had any trouble until this week. Again i had massive blood in urine. No urethra pain. I have been having pain under my ribs on my back on the right side for about three months. I went a couple days no problem. Then i passed more blood and a clot. It has been two days and nothing. Is this typical of kidney stones? Will this heal on its own?


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Sudden blood in urine

    I don't know if it is typical; but several of my kidney stones passed within a week of the initial symptoms, while other times the back pain persisted for four months. In my case; I think the pains starts and stops (increases/subsides) as the kidney stone moves or stops moving through urethra. I try to drink plenty of water, and stay away from carbonated beverages.