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  • 9 hours ago

    In stage 3a kidney disease, on diuretics and diabetic

    I am in stage 3a kidney failure and diabetic, on diuretics. What can I expect next?
  • 1 month ago

    Credible methods to help move stuck kidney stones

    I have a 4 mm stone stuck at the top of the ureter. My next MD appointment is in 3 weeks. In the interim I wish to do all I can to possibly get the KS unstuck. So, I drink a lot of water each day. I see many articles and utube videos making claims for the effectiveness of drinking a daily mixture of fresh lemon juice mixed with olive oil, or combinations of herbs. etc. Most of these information sources come from outside of recognized professional settings. My question is - are there any methods beyond....
  • 1 month ago

    My 3rd transplant

    I was born with a congenital kidney deffect that caused reflux neuropathy. I had reconstructive surgery in 1963 at NIH in bethesda, Maryland to repair the damage done by severe infections since birth. They now do this in utero! So I kept my native kidneys untill 1987 when my sister donated her kidney in my first living related kidney transplant. That kidney failed in 1999 when my secord sister donated her kidney that I currently have today. 18 years later I am now loosing this kidney. I am preparing....
  • 3 months ago

    Best Medication for Kidney Stones

    I have had frequent kidney stones over the past 4 years. With the first stone, the ER doctor prescribed percocet and Flomax, which seemed to work well. With subsequent kidney stones I visited my primary care physician and / or urologist for medication. It seems I was never prescribed the same thing twice. My question is, what is the best medication to take when passing a kidney stone? I have the following prescriptions at home from previous kidney stones or other procedures. Please let me know if....
  • 3 months ago

    Kidney issues.

    Retaining water in legs and ankles. Was at one time having cheat pains and heart palpitations. Blood work 2 months ago. Glucose was kinda high. All blood work pertaining to kidneys were normal. This was june.. There is a growth on both kidneys. Told there were no changes months back. Now i am retaining water and urinating less. I do take hydrochlorothiaze and lisonipril. Thyroid is enlarged but was told thyroid test like tfree were finally stable.. Blood pressure high at times and low at times. Normal....
  • 4 months ago

    From gross Hematuria to cystoscope to wtf?

    Ok, so gross Hematuria.... only once. No pain, no problems. Went to doctors, sent me to urologist. Booked me in for cystoscopy under a general as I had hypospadias when I was younger...... anyway.Had ct scan.... never heard back from anyone about ct scan? (Assuming was clear!)On the morning of surgery (Wednesday) the surgeon said a lump on kidney was found on ct. they will see what the lump is via the camera...when I woke I was told, the tubes from kidney to bladder was too small and they have put....
  • 4 months ago

    Stomach pain, kidney stones??

    Hi! So, every once and a while it is completely random I will get this pain in my stomach. It is to the right of my belly button right outside of where my abs would end. So the Middle section of the right side of my stomach. The pain is very random, I will notice a weird tight feeling where it is and then if I even go to scratch my stomach or something I will feel like I am getting stabbed with a knife in that spot. I do feel a little bump when I push around which does hurt alot and then after I....
  • 4 months ago

    cystoscopy post op - blood in urine

    I was hoping someone could help. Yesterday I had a cystoscopy at the hospital. When I was released they told me to expect light pink blood in the urine for 3 to 5 days. Today I am noticing considerdable more blood and its dark pink to light red. Which is concerning me since they said only light pink is to be expected. I called my doctor today and he never returned my call and then I called the doctor on duty number for concerns and they also have not answered me. I really don't want to go to....
  • 5 months ago

    Creatine level 1.67. Bun 14.

    Just wondering if this is bad. Creatine 1.65. Bun 14. I had not been feeling well days leading up to my blood draw. So i had not eaten in 3 days. Was drinking ensure and water when i could.
  • 5 months ago

    Kidney stones

    Hey everyone! I went to the emergency room and found out I have kidney stones and they gave me medicine. How many days should I wait until I go back if it keeps hurting?