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  • 4 days ago

    Bun/Creatinine ratio high

    So I understand that this often indicates a kidney problem but my bun/creatinine ratio came back at 40 when the normal range is 6-22 and my creatinine came back .48 when Normal is .50-1. Which I know the creatinine isn’t horribly abnormal but paired with bun/creatinine ratio doesn’t seem good. So my question is how bad is a 40? Should I be worried? I have an appointment in a few days but I’m curious about it now
  • Stomach pain, kidney stones??

    Hi! So, every once and a while it is completely random I will get this pain in my stomach. It is to the right of my belly button right outside of where my abs would end. So the Middle section of the right side of my stomach. The pain is very random, I will notice a weird tight feeling where it is and then if I even go to scratch my stomach or something I will feel like I am getting stabbed with a knife in that spot. I do feel a little bump when I push around which does hurt alot and then after I....
  • 11 days ago

    Random, Sudden Onset, Extreme Fatigue and General Weakness

    Hello, all. I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so kidney disorders it is! I am an eighteen-year old female. For last few months (perhaps four?), I've been experiencing some really weird symptoms and we're not quite sure why. Every couple of days, I have spells of sudden onset, extreme fatigue and exhaustion, accompanied with generalized weakness, some dizziness, a headache, and general malaise. The episodes do not seem to be triggered by anything specific and happen almost any time....
  • 25 days ago

    7mm stone lodged in

    71 yr old. I had bladder removed in 2008. I have a 7mm stone.In my ureter , apx 1 inch from ileium conduit. I have a tube in my kidney to prevent urine blockage. 90% of urine is passing by the stone, as less than an ounce per day passes through my kidney tube, that was inserted 15 days ago. Is eswl (sonic blasting) an option? if so what type is recomended. Entry from the conduit is near impossible. Other option is surgery through kidney to gain access to the stone, which is what my Dr. recommends....
  • 26 days ago

    Kidney Cyst at 26? (former alchool abuser)

    Hello guys, I'm 26 years old. Pretty healthy but not terribly healthy (cholesterol 188, blood pressure 120/80, 5' 10' 220) I know I need to lose weight and I am working on it. For six years, I was a daily alcohol abuser. I drank around 6-10 beers every other day and sometimes daily. Recently, I quit and had some tests done to ensure I am healthy. My bloodwork and liver enzymes all came as normal (surprisingly). I had an EKG done to test for damage which was normal. However, I had an abdominal....
  • 26 days ago

    kidney cysts

    i was in the er and was diagnosed with kidney cysts and it hurts really bad i kept on going to the er because i cant control the pain over this past weekend i peed blood should i be concerned has anybody had this i dont get my insurance until july 1 i feel discriminated because i dont have my insurance yet im in so much pain everyday help please
  • 28 days ago

    High heart rate

    Hi. I've noticed my resting heart rate has gone up the past three weeks from a 55 to almost 75 bpm. When I walk it goes up to a 100 and when i went for a walk earlier today it hit 140. I wasn't going fast and normally i have no problem, but found myself almost out of breath. I'm 19 and weigh 54 kg and would consider myself in an alright shape. Three weeks ago i spent the night in the hospital because of something with my kidneys. The doctors weren't sure what it was, but say i was....
  • 1 month ago

    Kidney stone

    I had a ct scan that revealed two stones 1mm and 4 mm one in each kidney the pain has been almost constant since the hospital meds wore off the pain meds prescribed have little to no effect will the pain subside or should I return to the er
  • 1 month ago

    Affects of kidney removal and body temperature

    I was always a warm person but after my kidney was removed I was cold and I had to eat something to get warm. My doctors have told me they have no idea on what is causing this.
  • 1 month ago

    Getting a colonoscopy with CKD

    I have been suffering with ckd for 10 yrs. 10 years ago I had a colonoscopy and shortly after the procedure I started bleeding from my kidneys. After my follow with the Gastro Dr. everything was fine. So when I started bleeding from kidney I didn’t think the procedure was the factor since I was bleeding from the kidneys.At the time I was seeing a rheumatologist for problems that I had been experiencing for a few years. I made an appt to see her but as I got near the appt they cancelled me and now....