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  • 1 month ago

    Congenital kidney disease

    I have had CKD for 31 years. I've had multiple stones, uti, kidney infections. I have controlled it well until 8 months ago. Both kidneys are 2.5 times normal size with extra ureters growing out the top. I now have a mass on my adrenal gland on my left kidney. I stay in constant pain. Been to a urologist since my bladder wall is too thick. My kidneys only allow me to dribble small amounts of urine at a time. I drink plenty of fluids but no out put. My PC doc isn't trying to help me get well....
  • 2 months ago

    flakes of deied blood in urine

    Hi, I had a total knee replacement in Jan of 2019 and after I could not pee for 5 or 6 weeks which really set my therapy back. They kept me in the hosp for 3 days and sent me home with a bag. Well I went back and forth to the Urologist a few times trying to get rid of the bag and I ended up with a bad UTI. Turned out the cough medicine I took every nite for my sinuses was working against my Tamosulin as I have had an enlarged prostate for quite a while and along with the anesthesia I could not pee....
  • 4 months ago

    How long can I wait to go to the doctor about a kidney stone?

    I don’t mind toughing it and and waiting for it to pass if that’s safe at this point. What worries me though is that I urinated out 2 chunks of something that wasn’t a kidney stone this morning. It looked like scar tissue and there was a teensy drop of blood on 1 of them. I’m a single 38 year old male who doesn’t smoke or drink, who rarely gets sick so I’ve never been to the doctor very much and have no insurance. And I can’t afford to be laid up in the hospital with a catheter insurance or not honestly....
  • 4 months ago

    Is Alkaline Water Helpful.

    Some People suggest that Alkaline water is helpful for kidney and heart problem. Is it correct ?
  • 4 months ago

    Im afraid that i have chronic kidney disease please help

    Hello 28 years old male here. I m scared to death so here are my symptoms: microscopic blood in urine, for 2 l of water i go pee around 8 times per day with amount of 250 ml, also i have unpleasant feeling down there, no exactly pain and not all the time. no other symptoms no night urinating
  • 4 months ago

    High Potassium

    I went to the DR yesterday for a pre op physical. I have stage 4 Kidney disease and have had Kidney disease for 50 years. She did a basic metabolic and my potassium was 5.6. I have never had a problem with potassium. She wants to recheck in 3 days after I hydrate more and watch my diet. Is this the safe thing to do and is there medication I can take? Karen
  • 5 months ago

    mom with blood clot

    If a patient is having kidney surgery, can the doctor perform the surgery if the patient has a blood clot in their leg?
  • 6 months ago

    Prehospital glucagon

    I'm a paramedic and I've had difficulty on finding an answer to a question I have about prehospital use of glucagon in renal failure patients. I've had two renal failure patients whom were also diabetic. Both of these patients had bgl that registered as LOW on our glucometer. Both patients I was unable to obtain IV access so I used 1 mg glucagon IM. In both cases I did not get a discernable rise in bgl as both pt remained LOW on subsequent rechecks. Why is this?
  • 6 months ago

    Quadruple Bypass after Kidney Donation

    A friend of mine needs a quadruple bypass after suffering a heart attack. He has had normal BP and is a very healthy 72 year old individual, otherwise. He donated a kidney to a family member 20 years ago, and has had no side effects or problems related to his donation. He is very worried about the possibility of kidney damage from surgery and having to go through dialysis. What are chances of permanent kidney damage? Anything informative someone can point me towards? Thank you.
  • 6 months ago

    Is Dialysis always needed when levels are below 6%

    My sister has had kidney failure for many years. For the past 10 years it was mostly around 18% functionality. Over the past year it has gone down to 5-6%. With that said, she feels perfectly fine. She has no water retention, no heart noise (I forgot the name of the noise they look for), has driven to from the Northwoods several times without issue, is not nauseous, no muscle cramps, vomiting or any of the other symptoms of kidney failure. Again - she feels fine. They've been letting her be because....