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  • 23 days ago

    Possible Infection From Escort in Japan?

    I'm a male in my 20's and straight. I decided to take a trip to Japan and everything was great sightseeing and eating and eating more. Last night of the trip before flying back home, I ended up going to a love hotel with an escort. It was one of the escorts specializing in anal. I used one of those 0.001mm condoms they sold in Japan but broke during sex. I didn't notice until after I realized I ejaculated in her and pulled out (Probably lasted about 10 min broken). The agency offered....
  • 2 months ago

    Am I at risk?

    I am into contact with someone else's feces and I am concerned because there might have been mucus or blood in the feces I didn't see and I had a small cut on my finger, I immedietly went and washed my hands several times and used hand sanatizer. Am I at risk for Hiv?
  • 3 months ago

    Am I at Risk?

    1) I had an encounter at a guest house for prostitutes. In the room was a shower where she rinsed herself before we even started. She gave me oral sex with a condom on. Used tissue to remove the condom before using a new one to have vaginal sex. She was on top of me and when she remained on top while I was ejaculating. Some semen spilled on the base of my penis (not the head). She quickly came off and wiped it up with tissue. My question is, that was the first time I ever had sex so I know I was....
  • 4 months ago


    I had sex 15 years ago without protection for the last years I felt very well until about 2 days ago when the symptoms began. I have felt very tired I have runny nose my throat hurts I have a lot of cough The toe of my foot hurts me when I walk, everyone tells me it is a cold but I feel that those symptoms are from HIV I feel very sad because of having unprotected sex 17 years ago now I'm suffering the consequences please help me I do not want to die !! ....
  • 7 months ago

    Blood transfusions

    There is no evidence to say blood transfusions work - I don't believe in them!
  • 9 months ago

    I want to know my chances..

    I know I'm going to have to get tested but in the mean time i am very scared. A couple months ago I had sex with a guy who has hiv. He wore a condom and I'm sure it didnt break or slip. but the more i think about it he might have started to put it on wrong so he had the condom on the tip but then he took it off and switched it around the right way. It could be i'm so scared I imagined that part but its also a possibility I guess. In this situation is it likely that I got infected with....
  • 11 months ago

    Could hypnotism be the cure for HIV?

    Ask yourself this question, Do you believe that the mind is powerful? If your answer is yes, then here is some food for your thought. The mind is said to be very powerful, when one focuses and channels one's energy the result is said to be powerful enough to move a mountain. Let's think of something much much smaller. Can we change a cell? Just one cell in our body? What if we gather a group of people diagnosed with HIV from different countries and hypnotize them to think they can bring forth....
  • 11 months ago

    hiv/ aids / std worried

    im 31 from malaysia. i had intercourse with a thailand hooker on 20th september 2018. blowjob without condom. then i taste her ***. i used condom to *** her. but dont know at the final time the condom broke and i ejaculate inside her. im worried that i will get hiv and other stds. the hooker is a mother and she got a kid. she told me she is clean and i cant trust her 100%. i feel like my life is over. my mind ask me to die. please help me. i did a big mistake in my life. if i need to do for hiv screening....
  • over 1 year ago

    Red face after taking meds

    I’ve been positive for four and a half years and have been undetectable for four of those years. I was on Stribild for almost two years, but I was developing severe neuropathy so my regimen was changed. I now take a four pill cocktail of Edurant, Tivicay, Norvir, and Prezista. Every day about an hour after I take the pills, my face becomes red and my cheeks get especially flush, sometimes for up to four hours. My face stays red all day. Anyone else have an experience like this or have an idea on....
  • over 1 year ago

    Fingering and masturbating with vaginal fluid on it

    Last month I went to a strip club There I fingered a stripper And then masturbated. My penis is not circumcised . There was a small.amount of precum on my penis What is my risk of HIV infection. If she had HIV will it travel.from precum to glans and then my body. I did not see a single HIV symptom . I am really scared of it.please answer.