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  • 7 days ago


    I lost my virginity in 2015 to a girl I was dating at the time. Not knowing her status, we had unprotected sex only 1 time and she also gave me head. I had no symptoms that I can remember after that happened. I’m only asking now because I see people talk about aids and HIV in movies and it started to make me worry so I thought I would ask. Am I most likely at risk? Should I worry??
  • 7 days ago

    HIV entering my body (i can feel it)

    I'm writing this just to share. (PLEASE READ THIS AND OFFER ME KIND WORDS) PLEASEEEE ! I'm 25 Male. about 2 weeks ago, I started to get sick. I got flu, fever, night sweat TWICE, muscles pain all over my body (still present) , nausea, constant headache (still present) and constant pain in my neck, also I found out this morning that I got rash on my back. Little reddish things on my back (it doesn't itchy or pain). I also lost about 5KG in just 2 weeks. I also still feel chills frequently....
  • 7 days ago

    Hiv Negative at 12 weeks(87 days) but developed what looks like folliculitis

    I'm a 26 yo male who received oral and protected vaginal sex about 13 weeks ago with someone who's status I do not know. The first condom fell off but I saw it right away and put on another. I tested negative for HIV at 16 days with a 4th gen lab test, negative again at 9 weeks with Oraquick home testing kit, negative again at 10 weeks with a 4th gen lab test, and negative again at over 12 weeks (87 days) with a rapid test. I'm concerned though because I developed what looks like folliculitis....
  • 7 days ago

    Hi anxiety. Depressed.

    A day before yesterday while I was drunk I kissed a gay (like sex worker) for about 5 seconds. I have weak gums and also a dot like superficial cut in the inner lip(Both are not bleeding). I don't know about his hiv status nor his mouth sore. But I didn't taste any blood. He bit my lips lightly. But I'm not sure he had not any wound in his mouth. He also gave unprotected oral sex to me that too a few seconds. Then I start realising I'm doing wrong and stopped the incident. I'm....
  • 7 days ago

    Doctors made me worried

    Hi so I wasn't worried about HIV until a doctor sent me for a test I haven't had sex in around 6 months recently been feeling sick with abdominal pains, non the wiser to what's causing this regardless of going to the doctors and hospital. But one of the doctors sent me straight for a HIV test. I do have thrush in my mouth but not sure that's a 100% sign of HIV? This doctor has got really worried. I'm unable to sleep. I'm a straight white female in the UK. When I went to the....
  • 8 days ago

    Very worried please help!!

    Yesterday I went to a massage parlor and had protected oral and virginal sex for about 20 min I noticed that the condom was not covering my entire penis at least the shaft was exposed I always have had an irritated foreskin with burning sensation, microscopic tears when we were done I noticed that her whole buttocks and legs were full of a rash should I be concerned over this matter?
  • 9 days ago

    Overly Anxious?

    So I'm probably being overly anxious (and I already know myself as an anxious person and a bit of a hypochondriac so no need to diagnose me there. Yes I get therapy for these things.) So approximately 5 weeks ago, at the beginning of October, I performed oral sex on a guy without a condom (no anal/vaginal sex occurred). Someone I've known for a few years, and who has been with a few partners, but assured me afterwards he always uses condoms when having sex and is clean of STDs. Rational me....
  • 9 days ago


    Please ,I finger prick myself with lancete for glucose lancet device pen,in drug store for cheking glucose not sure if lady changed lancete..3 weeks after i get flu and recovered in 5 this ars??I tested for hiv with ag/ab test ,i think it is 4th generation test.and came back negativeHow conclusive my test at 5 weeks?is my flu like symptoms ars or not?i had one night fever 38c and sore throat for few days..I read online that is ag/ab test conclusive at 28 days..i tested at 35 day....
  • 9 days ago


    was in the store tonight and noticed during checkout that there was three different red stains on my fingers. I'm not sure if it was from the strawberries or if it was blood. It was dried. Now I'm nervous because I have open sores on my hands and I breast-feeding my son, should I be worried? Should I get tested for hiv?
  • 9 days ago

    How quickly does HIV go to AIDs

    How fast does it normally go through people's systems