• 1 month ago

    Am I at Risk?

    1) I had an encounter at a guest house for prostitutes. In the room was a shower where she rinsed herself before we even started. She gave me oral sex with a condom on. Used tissue to remove the condom before using a new one to have vaginal sex. She was on top of me and when she remained on top while I was ejaculating. Some semen spilled on the base of my penis (not the head). She quickly came off and wiped it up with tissue. My question is, that was the first time I ever had sex so I know I was negative at the time. am I at risk as it's my collected semen that fell on my penis?

    Also did another dumb thing another time.

    2) A colleague of mine gave me oral sex without a condom. We had sex twice that same night with a condom. Problem is she's quite promiscuous and had a wild sex life. Am I at heavy risk?

    I'm going to get tested next weekend as I've been experiencing weird burning stinging sensations that feels internal inside my body. I also had a very annoying cough that persisted for almost a month when I first had sex. Also experience some bodily pain


  • 27 days ago

    RE: Am I at Risk?


    If you have many sexual partners and have sex without protection you are definitely putting yourself at great risk.

    Abstinence, one sexual partner are the 2 best things to do to avoid this.
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    RE: Am I at Risk?

    Having sex with multiple people who you openly admit are high-risk due to their frequency of partners is just going to make you anxious. Maybe practicing some selection with your partners will help. It's hard out here, man.... Wake up before you get a SHAKE up from the HIV.