• 1 month ago

    Fine Rash/Bumps

    *** % isopropyl alcohol in those exact areas a few days prior. However, the bumps do not itch or sting or burn (unless I sweat). Over time, it felt and seemed like my skin got better (now I can no longer feel the bumps, I can just see little flesh colored spots where the bumps were and a few teeeny tiny bumps across my chest. There’s no discoloration, no irritation, nothing. I also have bumps (mostly small pimple like bumps on forehead and sprinkled about my cheeks.) Could this be a heat rash (as where I’m temporarily staying, there’s no AC (only fans) and I do live in a hot state and I do wake up sweating around my neck and chest area as well as face) nearly everyday? The only reason I don’t really consider it a heat rash is because it isn’t prickly or itchy or uncomfortable. I’m not sure how I’d be exposed to HIV at this point, but the hypochondriac in me has me worried, because of the rash. I have no other symptoms. Would an HIV rash last this long? Or is it more likely a heat rash