• 18 days ago

    HIV Pre Existing Immunodeficiency

    Dear Gail or other member/mods.

    I am asking kind of questions that might bothering (but i believe it will gives some relieves ) for those who are suffering from hiv anxiety;

    1. I have read that some condition might affect HIV test, for example someone whom undergone cancer chemotherapy, IV drug user, PEP/PREP user, or a person with pre existing immunodeficieny. Is there any other condition beside these 4 factors?

    2. What is exactly variant of that immunodeficiency which might affect HIV test? Cmiiw, pre existing immunodeficiency condition itself consists more than dozen diseases/conditions, does long term sinusitis, eczema or allergies affect hiv test? How about Crohns?

    3. If pre-existing immunodeficiency might affect hiv test, which test will be affected? 4th gen or 3rd gen (rapid, lab)? If someone already passed window period (4 weeks for 4th gen or 90 days from old 3rd gen), does the test still reliable?

    4. If there are some condition might affect HIV test, why does it not stated on most testing guideline? Even an official agency like CDC doesnt put it on general info page.

    Please kindly answer my question. I myself do not have exposure. It is simply based on my scientific curiosity.