• 7 months ago

    Hiv from needle

    As i got bitten by unknown insect,I went to see doctor to get TT injection.after consulting the doctor,I went to the nurse room to get injection.when she was filling the syringe with medicine,the patient who got injected before me paid for her injection with the hand which she rubbed her needle injection site and nurse collected the currency note while having my syringe in her hand.while doing so,that currency note rubbed the needle.

    Another thing is the trash bin which is placed to dispose the used syringe is overflowing,so the nurse after injection,she placed the syringe after capping it in vertical position in the trash bin in the place available in the trash bin.so, while doing so she may touched other syringes in the trash bin.

    Patient may have her blood from rubbing her needle injection site and nurse may have residues of blood from touching other syringes in the trash bin.

    as that currency note was touched by both nurse and the previous patient and that currency note touched the needle before it is injected into me.so,can this transmit hiv to me?