• 6 months ago

    HIV from rubbish bin?


    So basically I went to Costco for shopping and ate some sandwiches and then I threw my trash in a rubbish bin with swinging cover. Of course, my hand touch the cover. I did not wash my hands afterwards. After driving home for like 30 minutes, I rested for few minutes and took some cookie with my bare hands. I mean, if someone with HIV touched the lid just before me and I also touched it and touched and ate a cookie with my unwashed hands, can you get HIV this way? Thank you.


  • 6 months ago

    RE: HIV from rubbish bin?

    No; you cannot get infected with HIV from touching a rubbish bin lid and then eating a cookie, even if someone with HIV touched it before you. Spend a little time reading how HIV is passed from person to person.