• 5 months ago

    One encounter without condom

    Male, had a one time encounter with a female friend. Over a year later had some slight swelling/pain in neck. Had no risk encounters in that time. Used an oraquick at home test 19 months after encounter. Negative. Just over 24 months had some swelling in neck and folliticus on scalp. Took medication for folliticus. Had some tingling in legs as well as a scraped or burnt tounge feeling. Took another at home oraquick test which was also negative. Both tests had strong lines at C. I have never been a risk taker and have some regret. Small rural community and all. Reading various articles it raises some concern about the at home test. Should a person be concerned enough with reports of false negatives and the 92% rate of true positives? I would like to be able to put the past behind me.