• 7 months ago

    oral and foreplay

    So I'm a straight married male and about 3 weeks ago I went out with a buddy that is gay and is hiv positive, he has had it for about 10 years and is undetectable, so long story short we got intoxicated and I got a little curious so we started to mess around, he rimmed my *** for a little bit and gave me oral for a few min, I also gave him oral but it was protected with a condom. He also fingered my *** for a bit. We did French kiss for literally like 5 sec, I have been worried sick even since that night that I could have gotten hiv from this activity. I felt like I played it very safe that night but I'm still worried. We tried to have sex with him being th top he was not able to get hard due to all the alcohol and he was wearing a condom the whole time. So basically he gave me unprotected oral for a few min I gave him protected oral and we kissed and I was fingered am I safe to say I was not at risk? Also I had a small canker sore on my lip that almost healed. But there was never any Precum or semen in my mouth just his penis with a condom on. he did rub his penis against my anus but that was while he had a condom on. like i said earlier he was not hard enough for penetration, also he never ejaculated. i recently took a oraquick hiv at home test at 5 weeks and it was negative. im not sure if im in the clear or do i need to wait longer and test again. from what i read it seems like i didnt need to get tested, but i did anyways cause i was so stressed.