• 7 months ago

    Fear of HIV

    Hello. 25 days ago I visited a sex massage parlor and popped a pimple with a towel. As I was receiving a massage prone, the sex worker was rubbing her vagina against my lower back(away from the pimple; she promised to avoid it) and smearing the fluids and oil with her hands. Later, I turned on my back and exposed the pimple to the towel and, perhaps, bed. There was no penetration. My fears are: (1)that the blood from the pimple might have run down my back and come in contact with her vaginal fluids, (2)that I might have exposed the pimple to the parts of the towel soaked with her vaginal fluids, and (3)the fact I noticed a rash on her neck. Soon, I started experiencing symptoms. Days 1-8: general itch, headache, throbbing in the ears. Days 8-25: fever(max 100F); frequent watery diarrhea; faint runny nose, sore throat, and dry cough; faint rash on trunk. Diarrhea(somewhat manageable with solid, dry food) and sore throat(worsened) persist. I've done a blood test for several parameters on day 22: CMV - negative, EBV - negative, QFever - negative, CRP - normal. I'll do a combo test on day 28. What is the risk of my contracting HIV in light of this description? What else could cause such symptoms?
    Any help would be appreciated.


  • 7 months ago

    RE: Fear of HIV

    I believe you have already asked this question about 11 days ago and it was answered. No risk for HIV transmission. Many things could cause your symptoms, including reading up about HIV symptoms on the Internet.