• 11 months ago

    Could hypnotism be the cure for HIV?

    Ask yourself this question,
    Do you believe that the mind is powerful?
    If your answer is yes, then here is some food for your thought.

    The mind is said to be very powerful, when one focuses and channels one's energy the result is said to be powerful enough to move a mountain.

    Let's think of something much much smaller. Can we change a cell? Just one cell in our body?

    What if we gather a group of people diagnosed with HIV from different countries and hypnotize them to think they can bring forth a change in their body which will be able to destroy the virus.

    So as to give them the idea, that they have a chance to have an alteration in their genetic makeup, (just like what happens naturally).
    As that thought keeps working in their minds, maybe a change will occur, in 1 million if at least 5 people develop a cure, by studying them, we should be able to make the cure for everyone, suffering.

    Basically we're letting evolution give the answer and helping it by channeling people's minds.

    There are many psychiatrists around the world who are capable of hypnotizing patients in need. Hypnotherapy has been used to change behavior and feelings.

    So one would ask, why HIV?
    Not only is it due to the fact that the virus's illusive and changing nature has baffled scientists for years but also that it is the perfect disease for this study.

    It's easy to find at least 1 million people suffering from this illness who would be most willing to try out an approach like hypnotism in the hope that they themselves might be cured.
    Depending on the availability of hypnotists the patients can be hypnotized in centers around the world 10-20 per week in each center. From the moment of enrolment they should be followed up for at least 5 years.

    The survivors will hold the key.

    A critic would argue saying whether this can be the cure for any disease, any cancer?
    Unfortunately for most other diseases we cannot find such a vast population of affected individuals.

    Evolution + hypnotism = a possible cure.