• 5 months ago

    Blood test


    Been reading around and was hoping Gail can help answer. Ty for what you do and spending time to answer questions.

    My experience is unprotected sex a ex girlfriend back in 2009. I didn’t really pay much attention to it until I decided to test in 2013. The Dr gave me a blood test antibodies 1/2 and it came out non reactive. Was I suppose to take this test sooner? Also is this good after years later? (This happens to me my only sex since then, none) I’ve have had rashes/white thing on my tongue today that’s hard to scrub away and still white. Of course I look this up and I’m scared about it. Not sure if I got it from bad oral hygienes and heavy beer drinking with out brushing going to bed. Is my antibody blood test good enough? Or I need more testing done?