• 8 months ago

    HIV risk from possibly contaminated sandwich?

    I recently got a job in a clinical laboratory as a receptionist.We'll, I do receive lab requests from patients or at times specimen. One evening, one of my colleagues bought some sandwiches for our dinner. The thing was, he placed my sandwich and fries on one side of our reception which I thought was the same area where we placed some of the specimens that we do receive. At that time, the table surface seemed dry and I did not see any wetness. I am worried though because few times, we received specimen from HIV positive people. I mean can HIV stay viable enough in the surface and could have penetrated through the sandwich wrapper and become a risk for me of transmission when I ate the sandwich? Can I get HIV if some virus got into my sandwich if the virus breached the paper wrapper. Im just worried. Thank you.


  • 8 months ago

    RE: HIV risk from possibly contaminated sandwich?

    No; HIV (even if present) cannot penetrate through a sandwich wrapper, enter your sandwich and infect you by eating the sandwich. If having oral sex with an HIV positive person carries an EXTREMELY low risk of transmission (think along the lines of .5 to 1 per 10,000 exposures) there is not going to be any risk of HIV traveling through a sandwich wrapper. You can really stop worrying about all of this.