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    Question about Oraquick Test/Symptoms

    I've read many previous posts on this topic so am pretty sure I know the answer, but want to make sure, as, like many who post here, I am having trouble accepting my results.

    I performed unprotected oral sex on a man that I do not know. He ejaculated in my mouth and I swallowed after 10 seconds or so. Although I know this is low risk, I am a bit concerned because I have rather large tonsils (not inflamed, they are just always pretty big) and do have bleeding gums occasionally. I had brushed my teeth 30-45 minutes prior to the encounter.

    About 48-72 hours later, I developed a severe sore throat and fever, with white spots on my tonsils. Went to the doctor and was prescribed augmentin, which resolved both the fever and the sore throat in ~24 hours or so.

    Concerned about HIV, I took an at home OraQuick Oral Swab test at 7 weeks (49 days exactly) and then again at 11 weeks (77 days exactly). Both were negative. I thought the 11 week test was being done at 12 weeks in the hopes of being conclusive but realized after the fact that I had miscounted by a week.

    It has now been about 6 months since the encounter. I am only concerned because I continue to have what appears to be geographic tongue - lesions on the tongue with white borders that come, then heal completely for 2-3 weeks, and then come back in different places. They aren't painful, but do look pretty weird. Both my PCP and Dentist have diagnosed them as geographic tongue, which I know is a benign condition of unknown origin. What is weirding me out is that the appearance of geographic tongue aligns almost exactly with the oral sex exposure.

    So my questions are:

    1. If the sore throat was ARS, is it possible that it would have manifested so soon after exposure?

    2. If the sore throat was ARS, would the antibiotics have worked like they did?

    3. How confident should I be in the two tests I performed? I know I did not take them at the correct timeframe to be conclusive, but am a bit confused as to whether or not they have any validity at all given the times at which I performed them? It has been a bit confusing trying to determine when antibodies are present in saliva vs. blood. Do I need to test again?

    4. Is there any correlation between the geographic tongue lesions and HIV? I have read that there is no connection but the timing is so strange.


  • 8 months ago

    RE: Question about Oraquick Test/Symptoms

    Your symptoms were not ARS as testing has clearly indicated a negative HIV status.

      • 8 months ago
        Thank you for the response Gail. Finding information on oral fluid testing has been so confusing for me.

        I am appreciative of the good work you do answering numerous questions from worried people like me (I've also noticed, in reading probably hundreds of them in my worried state, that rarely do people come back to say thanks, so THANKS!)