• 8 months ago

    Looking for some reassurance

    I had an elisa blood test done with the results to be returned on Monday.

    Back in September I had a low risk/no risk situation that freaked me out because I got really ill with flu like symptoms a couple of weeks later and lymph node swelling under my arm. I was tested using 2 rapid tests 9 weeks later and was given a negative result. My

    My mind is now going crazy because I believe that rapid tests are not accurate before 3 months and they could have missed infection. Are rapid tests accurate at 9 weeks especially as I suffered severe symptoms. I still have the swelling and it's been almost 5 months so my test result on Monday is going to be beyond conclusive. A

    At this point I don't know what to think. I see that a test at 6 weeks really change but does that include rapid antibody tests etc. I really wished now that I had gotten a lab based antibody test or a 4th generation test.

    Any words of comfort would be greatly appreciated.