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    Hi, I hope u guys can assist me with this question. I got incarcerated in 2013 but since I t was a nonviolent crime I was confined to a work center. I got a rash a very small one on my chest.for good behavior we're rewarded weekend passes home for 72hrs. So I've had sex with 3 different women in 3 years, (safe sex) though. Its 2017 now and I haven't had any other rashes or symptoms besides one fever blister in 2015, am I paranoid or am I potentially HIV positive? Any advice from personal experience would be helpful. Please respond. I'm getting tested next week though. But feedback please!


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    RE: Curious

    If all your sexual experiences were protected and the condoms used were latex and did not break or tear there is simply no way any of these events would have left you infected even if these women were HIV positive. The virus cannot cross an intact latex condom. Gail