• 9 months ago

    HIV from touching microscope or glass slides?


    I am a laboratory science student doing some observership in a clinical laboratory. One the first few days, we were allowed to use the microscope to view histology and cytology slides. These are supposedly fixed, stained slides mounted and covered with glass cover slips.While handling them, I also touched the sleeves of my shirt as I was wearing long sleeves. After sometime, my eyes probably got irritated and so I just happened to rub my eyes in my sleeves, most probably in the area where I touched it.I was told that none of the slides came from HIV patient but I mean if someone before me used the microscope before to screen HIV + tissue and fluids and some of the virus adhered in the microscope and got in contact with my hands then got transferred to my clothes then to my eyes. I mean, can you get HIV this way or can the virus if ever would still be alive in those glass slides to be viable from my hands to my clothes then to my eyes ? I am probably a bit anxious but I really want to know if I need testing and I want to be more careful next time. Thanks.