• 10 months ago

    Doctors made me worried

    Hi so I wasn't worried about HIV until a doctor sent me for a test I haven't had sex in around 6 months recently been feeling sick with abdominal pains, non the wiser to what's causing this regardless of going to the doctors and hospital. But one of the doctors sent me straight for a HIV test. I do have thrush in my mouth but not sure that's a 100% sign of HIV?
    This doctor has got really worried.
    I'm unable to sleep.
    I'm a straight white female in the UK.
    When I went to the hospital they said my white cell blood count was up and after a little bit of research I believe HIV kills your white blood cell count.
    So the possibility of me having HIV which would be in the late - ish stages with thrush and abdominal pain alongside a high white blood cell count would be low?