• 11 months ago

    Oral Thrush and HIV

    I had unprotected receptive anal sex with a guy last week. He told me he was clean but now I'm getting paranoid because my throat started to hurt yesterday and today I shined a light in my mouth and saw white stuff on my tonsils. I read a bunch of stuff on the internet and they all say that people with HIV normally develop thrush. Some articles say it happens when it's advanced and others say it can happen within a few days of exposure. I'm super paranoid and feel like anything that is happening to my body is a symptom of ARS. Even when I sneeze I'm scared that it might be the beginning of the "flu like symptoms" associated with ARS. Could the thrush be an indication of HIV? So far I haven't had any other symptoms, except my lower left side of my back started to ache a little bit today, which could also be one of the symptoms of ARS. I'm going to wait until four weeks pass to get a 4th generation test but the wait is driving me crazy, I'm completely convinced I already have HIV.


  • 11 months ago

    RE: Oral Thrush and HIV

    Thrush is a symptom seen at the END stage of HIV (i.e., when the immune system has been terribly damaged by the virus). It is not a symptom seen when someone has been infected for less than a week.

    The "flu like" symptoms of early onset HIV (ARS) tends to occur two to six weeks after transmission; again not from an event that took place last week.

    Hopefully your test results will show a "non-reactive" (negative) status. However, promise yourself that from now on unless you have CLEAR evidence that your partners are STD free (and not just HIV free) such sexual events will involve the appropriate use of a latex condom, OK?

      • 11 months ago
        Yes, I will definitely never do it again. I really hope everything turns out okay. I can't live like this, everyday is torture thinking I'm infected.