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    testing negative after multiple years

    I'm seeking information as I learn more about this virus so please bear with me.

    The short question, can a person who has been with a partner for 10 years be negative for HIV?

    here is the whole story, A person I know over a decade ago, knowingly met a person with HIV and has spend the past 10 years together, claiming they did not have intercourse. I recently got back in contact with this person and would like to have a relationship with this person, but, question the validity in their claims, and of course, do not want to put myself at risk. I was told in their most recent test of 6 months ago that they are negative. I was told it was a HIV test that was a blood drawn test. I do not know if it was a home test or in a professional setting.

    My first question is, could this be a false result?

    My second question is their partner who was diagnosed with HIV claims that they are undetectable in testing. Does this hold any validity? I'm unclear how is could be possible, I do not know which types of HIV tests have been done which is why I question the results.

    thank you for reading, and your suggestions


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    RE: testing negative after multiple years

    If this person did not have intercourse with their positive partner they could not be exposed to the virus.

    To answer your other questions.
    1. It is unlikely the blood test result was a false negative.
    2. Many positive patients on medication are now undetectable when undergoing viral load testing. This does not mean they are not infected but rather that the meds they are on so effective that they are typically producing less than 5 (or 50) copies of the virus per ml of blood (depending on the viral test used). This is the "cut off" level for differing types of viral load tests.

    I hope this makes sense.
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        P.S. And yes; someone who has been with an HIV positive partner for 10 years can certainly be HIV negative themselves.