• Highly likely I might be infected

    I had unprotected sex with a female on August 6th. Strictly relating to ARS. The only symptoms I have developed since then were:

    1) Dry cough, 4 week duration
    2) Discomfort in the throat on and off (but not your typical "pins and needles" sore throat), 5 week duration
    3) Boils
    4) On and off pain in my muscle (left forearm and heel tendon), 4 week duration and is now gone

    7 weeks BEFORE my exposure with this female and I happened to have the misfortunate of having the condom slip out upon having sex. I may have been exposed to her vagina for roughly 30 seconds. 5 days later I did feel a bit tired or uneasy by the end of the week but immediately took my temperature twice during the day and evening and they both read 98.6 and 98.8 F, respectively (37 and 37.1 C, respectively). Since then I did not feel any overall body discomfort or fever.

    Regarding my dry cough after my unprotected exposure I produced no phlegm or fever and the dry cough was more prominent when I would breathe in really deep or when I was laughing (pretty much gone at this point). Also less frequent or non-existent now, at the time I would get minor chest discomfort. I have been able to engage in 60-90 mins of high intensity cardio without having to catch my breath.

    I have also noticed a weird "discomfort" in the throat which is the symptom that has lasted the longest. It is not your typical sore throat with the pins and needles feeling upon swallowing or eating but much rather a slight discomfort on the right side of the back of my throat that comes on and off throughout the day with a possible mass on the right side. BTW I visited a nurse practitioner who actually said she did not notice a mass but I still have this on and off "sore throat discomfort" that has been there for 3 weeks but I only just noticed the possible lymph node mass that was disregarded but I am not fully sure.

    I have checked like crazy and to my knowledge have not noticed any enlarged lymph node in my axilla (shoulder), groin area or cervical area (besides the one mentioned above). I did however notices 3 boils, 2 in my groin/thigh area and armpit area which I ended up squeezing and they all produced pus meaning it was more like an infection but I'm not sure.

    Lastly, I also had severe skin itching that started almost a week after my exposure but it is basically gone now on or maybe it has subsided immensely or i don't notice anymore (NO RASH) and this on and off muscle/tendon ache for 4 weeks that constantly appears in heel tendons (more right than left foot) and my left forearm muscle but I do not have a general body ache. The ache could be there for a number of minutes (it varies from maybe 10 to 60 mins) and then suddenly reappear like an hour or two later or not at all during the day. Very confused by that.

    I was worried about a possible Herpes infection too because of a dry scaly rash I noticed in my genital area 3 days after exposure (but that was brought up in another forum) which I heard can be related to nerve itching or pain that may be affecting my muscles so I am not sure. Very scared and worried I may have gotten HIV. Not sure what to do. Thoughts?

    I want to do maybe an orqauick or a rapid test at this point since it is free. But i don't know what to do.


  • 2 months ago

    RE: Highly likely I might be infected

    We do not attempt to diagnose HIV by "symptoms" although heaven knows, those who worry they may be infected sure try.

    It's been at least six to seven weeks since your possible "exposure". Take the test. It will be quite accurate in terms of your status.

    For what it's worth, the estimated risk from insertive (that's you) penile-vaginal intercourse (I'm assuming that's what you did) is 5 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the virus. Since your posting did not indicate that you knew your partner(s) were HIV positive, your risk would be even less.

    Good luck and let us know the test results, OK.