• 6 months ago

    HIV risk from genital rubbing, help !

    I went to a massage parlor last year in November.

    The therapist and I mutually fondled each other and then she came on top of me naked and started rubbing her genitals over my penis and testicles. I was wearing a thin disposable underwear while she was naked.I felt my underwear was wet while she was over me.

    It has been several months since this encounter but I clearly remember that I did not have a complete erection while she was on top of me. She must have grinded for only a few minutes (1 - 3 minutes). I also responded by bouncing up on her for a few seconds. She resisted and held me back and grinded again. I dont remember any deep penetration or that of my penis getting squeezed in her vagina. She was quite heavy and in fact I felt the penis was semi-flacid at best,.

    After some time she masturbated me to ejaculation.

    I felt panic a few days after the incident and went to speak to her again. She said she was sure that there was no penetration and also that she would have charged me extra money if there was any. She had a fight with her boyfriend the previous day and she told me she felt relaxed and aroused as we fondled. Could that be a problem?

    I've had no major symptoms(fever, rashes, etc) since the incident last November but I'm told HIV may not have any symptoms.

    Please advise if I was at HIV risk, I'm still worried and apprehensive about a test.Could there be penetration with a semi flaccid penis? I'm also worried that she was completely naked while I was wearing a disposable underwear.

    Kindly help !