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    Scared so much

    Hi guys, i am a bi male, early 20's. . I would like to ask you guys about the incident of my recent exposure.

    Dec. 2016, i got involved in a oral sex with saudi man of unknown hiv status. . It followed by february 2017. . I notice at the time of oral sex that i have a open mouth sore at my lower lip which is not actually bleeding. After 2 weeks, ive decided to take elisa agb, and a negative result came. .

    April 2017 i got involved to very deep kissing with a man with unknown hiv status. I know also that i had 3 mouth sores at that time (one from lower lip and 2 from upper dué to trauma to braces).

    Im afraid i was exposed to this incidents. . Im very scared.

    Pls tell me your honest facts about this guys. And do you think do i need to take again another test?.


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    RE: Scared so much

    Oral sex carries an extremely low risk of HIV transmission; think along the lines of an estimated risk of .5 to 1 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the virus.

    Your risk would be less since you cannot confirm whether the first partner was even HIV positive.

    Deep kissing is not a risk of HIV transmission.

    An open sore that is not actively bleeding is NOT an open portal into the body. Sores, even mouth sores tend to seal quickly. Unless there is an open source INTO the body through a piercing (for example, sharing of needles), an open cut, wound, damaged mucous membrane during rough vaginal or anal sex the virus cannot infect someone.

    You can, of course, take another test to ease your worries if this would help.

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        Does open mouth sore is not a damage mucous membrane?. .

        I know saliva contains dozens of elements to counteract hivs infectious ideal but anxiety really kills me. .
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        If anxiety is going to kill you then take another test to confirm your negative status.