• 8 months ago

    T-Cells plummeting

    My T-Cells were 680 in February 2017, and in the most recent test (June 2017) they were 304. Alarmed, I called my doctor and was told this was most likely because I have been fighting chronic bronchitis, in at least two episodes, which can last for weeks and pretty much keeps me bedridden. This has also been a highly stressful time, due to financial problems, and of course our election.

    I was told to wait until I am completely over the Bronchitis and then come in to re-test. While of course I have known that low T-cells make me more vulnerable to catching other illnesses, I never realized that being sick could lower T-Cells.

    There are a few factors -- including switching from Lab Corp to Quest Diagnostics for the blood analysis -- that might have had some affect on these results. But I was shaken by the idea that I could "use up" my T-cells when I am ill.

    Is this a serious threat to my longevity? I am concerned, and my doctor is busy.



  • 6 months ago

    RE: T-Cells plummeting

    When I was diagnosed my T-Cell count was 105. I consider myself to be very fortunate because it now ranges around 1600. My advice to you is that you have a doctor that first, is a specialist in the field and second, that he/she gives you as much time as you need for any medical complications that arise. In the beginning, after the diagnosis that you have a potentially deadly disease, you need to allow yourself to grieve and adjust, and you need the support of a physician that understands this. I also had a wonderful support system with my family and though I didn't utilize support programs or a therapist, it may be something that you should consider. Believe me when I tell you that you need inner strength in order to make the most of the treatment you receive for this devastating diagnosis. Early on I had several bouts of pneumonia that sent me to the hospital, but when you are on the proper 'cocktail' you should be able to fight an illness without losing ground with your CD4 (T-Cell) count. My doctor ran tests that defined the medications that were most effective for my body. Has this been done? Truly, I would recommend finding a doctor that will take your health as seriously as you do, and as I mentioned, find the support that you deserve so that you can live a long and fruitful life. I wish you all the best and hope that you will find your inner strength.