• 7 months ago

    Protected sex with NY stripper

    Hello, I had sex with a stripper, but I used a condom.

    All in all it was maybe about 2 minutes. She put the condom on and gave me a short blowjob. Then we had vaginal sex for maximum 1 Minute when I pulled out because I was so worried about getting any STD or HIV. Then she gave me a short handjob and it looked like she checked if the condom was still intact. After that she pulled my pants back over my penis with the condom still on. Right away I went to the bathroom took the condom off and cleaned the penis with toilet paper.
    At home I washed my penis.

    But still I’m so worried about having any chance off getting HIV or sth.
    What do u say?

    Thank u


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Protected sex with NY stripper

    I say stop worrying about all of this. You had protected intercourse. Even assuming your partner was HIV positive the virus cannot cross an intact latex condom.
  • 2 months ago

    RE: Protected sex with NY stripper

    If you had protected sex why are you worried? I mean you shouldn't but if it's consensual and all the precautions are being met then you have nothing to worry about. I had a few encounters with people who are members of this profession and honestly they are very careful about any sexual encounters. I mean just because they dance and show of their bodies does not mean that they are not careful when it comes to their health. I hooked up with this guy once from NC and he works as a stripper. He is a proud member of Raleigh Strippers (you guys can check their website here: https://www.hotraleighstrippers.com/male-strippers/) I have to say I was also skeptical at first and I made sure that we were protected but after a few months we started to go out more and we had each other tested. I know for a fact that he is clean and that he has a very strict testing for STDs schedule so I feel very safe. So you shouldn't sweat about it