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  • 2 hours ago

    Possible exposure to HIV- worried !!

    If a man was with a sex worker (vaginal intercourse) for a few minutes before using a condom, what is the likelihood of contracting HIV (status of the worker, unknown of course)? What would be the likelihood he could pass it on to someone else? Anxiously Awaiting HIV test results but worried in the meantime!
  • 3 days ago

    fears of hiv from indirect contact

    Hello everyone and a special thanks to doctors who offer their knowledge. I explain briefly my situation. Exactly a week ago I was with an escort. I specify that I had no insertive direct relationship. My concern is that I rubbed my penis on the breast of the escort for a time less than one minute. My anxiety, then, is related to the possibility that a previous customer have come on the breast, and if that had happened, although there were no clear signs of liquid on the breasts, some microscopic....
  • HIV question - A little worried but it may be nothing .

    Hello, I have an HIV question and it may come across at stupid but I am just not educated in this matter so it is just a question as I could not find any info on google for this ... So I have this friend and no sexual activity kissing or anything but we share food drink from the same bottle stuff like that as we became better friends over 2 months from the day we met she told me she was HIV posivitve which I don't care and all but I have been sharing food and everything I am freaking out as I....
  • 6 days ago

    Broken Skin and Hiv Risk Question

    Gail and/or David, I had recently met up with a friend at a room on vacation. Over an hour before the act I had masturbated and felt a slight soreness on my penis. When my friend arrived, she said she tanned before we met up- she had dry skin by her nipple and picked at it- I told her to stop picking it, and I didn't see blood on her chest. She urinated before the act and washed her hands with soap and water. She mentioned she did not shave that day, she had sex about 2 weeks ago (she only has....
  • 7 days ago

    HIV from touching microscope or glass slides?

    Hi! I am a laboratory science student doing some observership in a clinical laboratory. One the first few days, we were allowed to use the microscope to view histology and cytology slides. These are supposedly fixed, stained slides mounted and covered with glass cover slips.While handling them, I also touched the sleeves of my shirt as I was wearing long sleeves. After sometime, my eyes probably got irritated and so I just happened to rub my eyes in my sleeves, most probably in the area where I touched....
  • 8 days ago

    Fresh Cut Risk

    Hi, I had recently met up with an acquaintance and we briefly messed around as described below. She had shaved 3 days ago; and she said that she got the shot that stops periods. Also, 2 hours before the act I had plucked out some stray facial hairs before going to her place; and there 2 small unopen ingrown hair bumps on the underside of the scrotum and no cuts or sores on my penis. Shortly after I got there, we got undressed and she washed her hands and cracked her right index fingr nail while washing....
  • 9 days ago

    HIV from toilet spots?

    I just moved in a new condominium unit which was not supposedly occupied for almost two years. I did some sort of cleaning and eventually I have to use one of the toilets.After using the toilet, I saw some dark brown spots in one side of the toilet bowl and so I tried scratching it using my toes. After few minutes, I changed my underwear but the toes that scratched the spots briefly touched the front part of my underwear which then got in contact with the tip of my penis. Now, I do not remember if....
  • 12 days ago


    Hello , i had a cystoscopy done and i regret it it made me so worried about hiv to be honest. Now if it wasnt sterilized proprely could hiv live for more than 48 hours there ? Saturday was cystoscopy scheduled i couldnt go sunday clinic was closed and on monday was only me doing the proccedure. God i am so scared again .
  • 15 days ago

    I need information

    ello, My grandmother recently tested positive for HIV. I am worried for two reasons: 1. She tends to get breaks in her skin because it is so thin and she bleeds. 2. She doesn't recall engaging in any risk behaviors. I took an at home HIV test (ORAQUICK) and tested negative. I do not remember ever getting her blood on me, but she has kissed my cheek (I have acne). Also, I have hugged her when she has had broken skin and scabs on her arms from tearing, but most of the time they are bandaged, Should....
  • 16 days ago

    HIV after oral? With Twist?

    Hi, few years ago I got reactive arthritis and since then I have been suffering on and off with various arthritis pain in mild form. I was tested for various STD with negative results. My doctors could not find a source. I still had mild urethritis that wouldn't go away with countless Abx. Anyhow this is quick run down of medical history but Three weeks ago I received "Oral" I used a condom, I thought I used it properly but 48 hrs later I started having worse of urethritis pain. Burning....