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  • 9 days ago

    Get The Facts on HIV Transmission

    Hi everyone! There are many posts on our message boards from those with questions about how HIV is transmitted who are worried if they've contracted the virus. When you think you may have been exposed to HIV, it can be a really scary thing to experience. It's important to know that HIV is not spread easily and can only be done so through the exchange of certain bodily fluids from an infected person. There is tons of information out there on how HIV is transmitted, and sometimes it can be....
  • 14 hours ago

    Possible Infection From Escort in Japan?

    I'm a male in my 20's and straight. I decided to take a trip to Japan and everything was great sightseeing and eating and eating more. Last night of the trip before flying back home, I ended up going to a love hotel with an escort. It was one of the escorts specializing in anal. I used one of those 0.001mm condoms they sold in Japan but broke during sex. I didn't notice until after I realized I ejaculated in her and pulled out (Probably lasted about 10 min broken). The agency offered....
  • 1 day ago

    Get tested?

    Hi, I recently broke up with my boyfriend of a year and I’m not sure if I should get tested or not? He told me he did not have any stds and hasn’t been with anyone in a few years. Every time we’ve had sex he’s always worn a condom and pulled out before ejaculating because he was afraid of it breaking and getting me pregnant. I’ve given him oral a few times but he never came in my mouth since I didn’t want that. I’ve always been tested after every sexual encounter but I’m not sure if I should? Th....
  • 2 days ago

    Oraquick after two years

    Two years ago sep 2016 I had unprotected vaginal sex with woman of unknown status(I am uncircumcised ) . A few days later I got really sick and questioned her about her hiv status but she ensured me I’m fine. I let it go (big mistake) over the next two years I’ve experienced muiltple symtoms. Fatigue, mucle aches, joint pain (mainly knees) diarrhea(on and off), balantis, white tongue( I do smoke), stomach pains, anal itching, ringworm like rashes, consistent dry cough( not sure if it’s smoking and....
  • 3 days ago

    Back Acne

    Hello, I recently went on vacation and had sex there with a local girl. We used condoms but oral (only she performed was raw) I realized I have back acne now and I am worried I may have caught something. I used to feel a pimple on my left lat before the this but I am not sure if I had acne. Can someone please confirm whether I caught something or its just a bad reaction to waxing for the first time?
  • 5 days ago

    foot burning

    hi, I m 49 years old male, I am suffering from foot burning since last one year,It was happened after doing oral sex frequently with my wife, i m scared, may be getting HIV,my hiv test are negative, please help me
  • 24 days ago

    Early HIV symptoms or a anxiety?! Help please!

    I hear early hiv symptoms called peripheral neuropathy. I got a rapid HIV test and began to think they pricked my finger with a infected prick or secretly used another tube at the same time while drawing blood and injected infected blood using same type of tube into the small cut wound from the prick?! anyway 30 mins after the test and drawing blood both of my arms tighten up and my forearm and bicep feels a painful ache..not so painful but it tensed up and I could not control it till the point it....
  • 1 month ago

    Masturbation & HIV?

    This may sound ridiculous, but is it possible for a female to contract HIV by masturbating with unwashed hands (fingering)? Honestly, ever since I started working at a place that has a counseling department for HIV individuals my level of worry has increased....To an extent, I do believe I am making things up in my head. I suppose I would like to know - does quantity of HIV fluid play a big role in contracting the virus?
  • 1 month ago

    Hiv test

    Hi I had sex with a woman who had a lot of sex with other guy and she claim that always used condom I had sex with her and used condom But after ejaculated, my condom was slipped and left inside her vagina while im withdraw Most of penetration was protected only when i withdraw the condom was slipped Im male, and had circumcision So i do these test 1. 14 days elisa antibody test -ve 2. 21 days elisa antibody test -ve 3. 23 days rna pcr undetected 4. 46 days elisa antibody -ve 5. 56 days elisa antibody....
  • 1 month ago

    Am I at risk?

    I am into contact with someone else's feces and I am concerned because there might have been mucus or blood in the feces I didn't see and I had a small cut on my finger, I immedietly went and washed my hands several times and used hand sanatizer. Am I at risk for Hiv?