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  • 4 months ago

    Get The Facts on HIV Transmission

    Hi everyone! There are many posts on our message boards from those with questions about how HIV is transmitted who are worried if they've contracted the virus. When you think you may have been exposed to HIV, it can be a really scary thing to experience. It's important to know that HIV is not spread easily and can only be done so through the exchange of certain bodily fluids from an infected person. There is tons of information out there on how HIV is transmitted, and sometimes it can be....
  • 2 hours ago

    Unprotected what are my risks

    I have been seeing this guy for 3 months and we begin having sex 3 weeks after talking. We had sex a total of 10 times and all was protected sex. However, 4 days ago I stupidly agreed with unprotected sex! He ejaculated in me 2 times in one night! Before we had sex, we discussed STDs. He told me he is ok and recently got tested. I accused him in the past for what I thought was throat gono but it turned out to be strep. He told he doesn't have anything and if he did he wouldn't even have sex....
  • 19 hours ago

    Worried about a bloody tissue

    Last weekend, while I was at a restaurant, I went to use the restroom. While washing my hands in the sink, I noticed that there was a wadded up tissue in the sink and that it seemed to have blood on it, like it had been used to stop a nose bleed (based on the shape of it, I even wondered if it might have a tooth in it). I did not touch the tissue, and I don't know if any water (and blood) splashed off of it up onto me. I washed my hands, used the urinal, then washed my hands again for a longer....
  • 19 hours ago

    HIV from Semen in Eye

    Is it possible to get HIV from getting Semen in your eye? If so, what are the chances (percentage)?
  • 19 hours ago

    HIV scare

    I am having all these symptoms that just will not go away, and I am curious to weather anyone can give me another possible cause. I had protected sex with a woman of unknown status nearly 11 weeks ago. Tested neg with oraquick swab at 9 weeks. First felt sick two weeks after first encounter with this women, and around 5 days after the second encounter. Slept with her twice. Monday 3/12, and Monday 3/19. Still feel sick right now. So tired, head feels so strange, loss of appetite sometimes for a week....
  • 19 hours ago


    Okay so it’s a long story. But to make it short. Lately I have been feeling really weird on and off. Weird as in being lightheaded, hands extremely cold at times, headaches. The weird feeling is the worse when I wake up or lay down to go to bed. These feelings started about 3 days after I messed around with someone. Me and the person made out and engaged in oral sex and also had protected anal sex. I haven’t had unprotected sex in over 6 months and tested negative using the hiv oraquick test about....
  • 3 days ago

    Possible exposure, need advice!!

    Hello, I work at a dental office and while I was taking instruments out of the ultrasonic I felt a “scratch”of sort. I immediately took off my gloves, which I didn’t see any holes I saw redness and in three spots that I had felt the “scratch”. I didn’t see any blood I even squeezed the spots and nothing came out. I went through all the patients that had came in that morning and none had any reports of hiv or hepatitis of any kind. If they do report and blood borne disease we take extra precautions....
  • 12 days ago

    Test accuracy

    I recently had unprotected vaginal sex So i took two oraquick oral swan test one at 15 weeks post exsposureand another at 17 weeks both came back negative but am going to ha e a std panel done with blood work what are the chances of it coming back positive after the two negative swab test
  • 12 days ago

    Where I can find PrEP

    I find out that prep can help me prevent HIV from sex. Can I order it online? Who have some trustful source for me Thank you
  • 13 days ago

    Oraquick accuracy

    So my question is i took a oraquick home test that came back negative about 15 weeks since my last encounter i skimmed the directions due to being anxious and when i finally got around to reading i didn’t follow the directions to closely instead of swabbing gums just once i did it a few times and instead of putting the solution in the holder i held it myself again due to my anxiousness now i don’t know if what i did may have affected the test in any way but would like advise on if i should take another....