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  • 6 months ago


    i was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS for over 6 years which made loose my job and my relationship with my fiance after he discovered that i was having HIV, he departed from me i tried all my best to make him stays with me, but neglected me until a friend of mine on Facebook from spain told me Great healer, who will restore my life back with his powerful healing spell, he sent me the email address to contact and i quickly contacted him, and he said my condition can be solved, that he will treat the disease....
  • 7 months ago

    Maybe scratched by an instrument, high anxiety

    Hello, I work at a dental office and while I was taking instruments out of the ultrasonic I felt a “scratch”of sort. I immediately took off my gloves, which I didn’t see any holes I saw redness and in three spots that I had felt the “scratch”. I didn’t see any blood I even squeezed the spots and nothing came out. I went through all the patients that had came in that morning and none had any reports of hiv or hepatitis of any kind. If they do report and blood borne disease we take extra precautions....
  • over 1 year ago


    Hello, I recently shaved using a disposable razor, unfortunately I didn’t know tge razor was used until It was too late. I used it lightly and I didn’t cause and cuts or blood spills, I’m worried about HCV now. What should I do?
  • over 1 year ago

    Got known Hepatitis C blood all over my hands

    My grandmother got hcv through a blood transfusion. She is blind, and was rummaging through a travel bag when she accidentally cut herself deep on a razor. I had to treat her wound and got blood all over my hands. I washed my hands with soap, but i kept on getting on my hands as I was treating her. I had forgotten that she had hep c, and didn't realize how hardy the virus was, and that it should be cleaned with bleach. I didn't use bleach until an hour later. Blood got over a significant....
  • over 1 year ago

    Dental infection control concerns

    I was watching my son have a root canal and an assistant from another room took the 'filling paste' syringe and ran down the hall - obviously to another patient. She returned soon after and they replaced the applicator at the top of the syringe before applying the paste to my son's tooth. this is concerning enough and I wasn't quick enough to pull them up on it but did afterwards and the dentist admitted it was wrong and in response and to try to make me feel better he then went down....
  • over 1 year ago

    Pharmacist did not change gloves between patients when administering flu shot.

    Hello, I just had my flu shot give to me and the pharmacist did not change her gloves between the prior patient and myself. Do I need to be tested for anything. Is this legal? Normal? Thanks
  • over 1 year ago

    Can Hep C be spread through sensory deprivation?

    Hello! This is my first post on here so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for it. I recently had an exposure that I suppose could be considered "high risk" (stupidly tried cocaine at a party and used the same "straw" that someone else had used). I plan on getting tested but this incident only happened about a week ago and I know it can take up to three months for the virus to be detectable. I go to a sensory deprivation lounge about once a month just to relax in the water....
  • over 1 year ago

    What You Should Know About Hepatitis C

    About 3.5 million Americans have hepatitis C, and 17,000 or so others get it each year. But how much do you know about how this disease is spread, who's most at risk, the symptoms to look for, and the treatments that are available? Learn the basics here:
  • over 1 year ago

    Can I get Hepatitis C/HIV from prolonged nosebleed?

    Hello! I've had a recurring nosebleed (daily) that lasted 2-3 months. I've since done cauterisation. However, I realised that I've been picking at my nose on a daily basis, and it bled everyday. The nose picking happened randomly and my hands were definitely not cleaned or washed. Considering that it was daily for a couple of months, and bleeding everyday, what is the likelihood that I contract Hepatitis C and HIV through the wounds in my nose (from daily surfaces that my hands come into....
  • over 1 year ago


    A 27 yr old friend from Madagascar just passed away after a 4 month sickness. It is known that she had hepatitis (not positive which one- I suspect B or C). She had severe weakness and vomiting and after having jaundice for 3 weeks she died- no doubt from liver damage. I lived in Madagascar for a year and am quite disappointed in the medical treatment, especially where she was located (Southern Madagascar- very poor). She has a 20 month old daughter and I am concerned that the child and the 5 family....