• 9 months ago

    Understanding the Test Results

    My girlfriend last week called me in a grief stricken panic last week because she failed a medical for a job she was applying for. I was shocked to find out that she tested positive for Hepatitis B, which surprised me since she was given the vaccine at birth and so was I. Today she did the follow up hepatitis profile test and some of the test results were confusing to me. She has a few days before she will speak with her doctor to go over with her the results but to be supportive and also brace myself for the results I wanted to know whether the results mean she is in the acute stage (less than six months) where there is a good chance to beat it or if she is in the chronic stage (greater than six months).

    HBsAg - Reactive 1.112
    AHBs - Nonreactive .099
    HBeAg - Nonreactive .056
    AHBe - Reactive .114
    AHBc IgG - Reactive .085
    AHBc IgM - Nonreactive .099

    Any information about what these results could mean is very appreciated. We are both American but are currently overseas in a 3rd world environment where getting English speaking doctors is a bit of a challenge.